Stop Waiting Around — He’s Not Coming Back

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He left for a reason. He said goodbye for a reason. He didn’t just walk away without thinking about it. And maybe he’s an idiot for it. Maybe he made the biggest mistake of his life leaving you. But it’s done. It’s final.

I know you think he’s the sun, or the whole goddamn galaxy. You think you need him to breathe, to walk, to eat, to live. You think you need him in your lungs, to just let out a fresh breath of air into the world. You think you need him in your heart, just to ease the pain a little bit further. You think you need him in your every bone, like he’s the cells in your body that do all the work. Like he’s the muscles and the whole skeletal system in you.

You can’t hold him up to that type of pedestal. Because you see, he left you. He said goodbye. He ran the other direction. And the truth is, he’s not the man you think that he is and he’s not the man that you want him to be.

And the truth is, he will never be the man that you think he is. Because he’s just a little boy. A selfish, and scared little boy.

You are the one with the power. You are the one who breathes out your own oxygen and sucks it back inside of your lungs. You’re the one with the beautiful eyes. With the bones that lift you up when you’re tired. You’re the one that has all of that. It’s yours. Not his.

He isn’t your forever anymore. And he never will be.

So please, let him go. Let it all go. 

Let go of the notion that he will come back to you. That one summer day, you will see him running through the fields for you. Or that one winter day, you will see him finally come out of hiding to declare his love for you. Let go of that scenario, and let go of that wish.

Let go of the notion that he is the one that will fulfill you. Think back on your relationship and stop ignoring all the red flags that were right in front of your face. Think back on the things he said to you that made you feel terrible, or like an idiot. Let go of the scenario that all he ever did was treat you well.

Let go of the notion that he is the only one in the world for you. There are 7.5 billion people in this world. 7.5 billion. He’s not the one and he never will be. He’s not it. He’s just not.

Give yourself more credit. Give yourself more love. Let yourself hold him and love him, and then be strong enough to let him go. Because honestly? You deserve more than him. You deserve more than the half-hearted he gave you. Be better to yourself. And treat yourself with the respect that he never, ever gave you.

It is time. Time to stop waiting and wishing. It’s time to let him run, and not call for him back. And it’s time to finally realize the truth. He left. And you won’t ever hear a knock on your door from him ever again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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