What Being A Highly Sensitive Person Is, Because It’s More Than ‘Just Overreacting’

Twenty20 / @benblenner
Twenty20 / @benblenner

Being a highly sensitive person is not an overreaction or an over-dramatization of an emotion. People who are highly sensitive can’t help how they react to certain events or words. It’s just how they are.

Being an highly sensitive person is being able to listen expertly. It’s being able to take in, absorb, and ingest information easily, and reflect on it in an incredibly deep way. Being an highly sensitive person is reflecting and pondering in a way that many people don’t know how to do.

People that are highly sensitive are special in a sense, because they naturally are great at studying themselves and knowing right away when something is wrong and when something is right.

Being a highly sensitive person means being incredibly empathetic to others. It’s having the kind of kindness and gentleness that anyone would want for their loved ones to have. It’s listening to someone and putting yourself in their shoes, without judgement.

Being a highly sensitive person is taking time in everything that you do. It’s weighing the pros and cons of every decision and choice you have to make and being incredibly careful with it. It’s not making impulsive decisions that could get anyone hurt and it’s doing everything you can to not make the wrong choice.

Being a highly sensitive person is sometimes beating yourself up for making the wrong decisions.

It’s not knowing how to make yourself feel better when you do something terrible to someone, or say something terrible to someone. It’s a process of learning and growing, and forgiving yourself. For everything.

It takes work. It takes courage and strength. It is anything but being small or feeble. It’s being powerful and passionate. 

Being a highly sensitive person is crying more easily, but it has nothing to do with weakness. It’s opening up to people faster because you trust with your whole being. It’s letting your feelings show, and conveying your truth to the world without regret. It’s being open minded and being transparent in all that you are.

Being a highly sensitive person is not weak. It’s not being overly-sensitive, and it’s not being a cry baby.

It’s being strong enough to let your guards down when you need to. It’s being strong enough to show your every emotions when you are feeling hurt or sad, without being ashamed of it. It’s having the strength to speak your truth no matter what other people say.

Being a highly sensitive person is a beautiful thing. And yes it’s sometimes hard and difficult to explain, but in a world where feeling as gone cold, highly sensitive people know how to feel. They know how and when to express themselves and they should never, ever, be ashamed of that.

In a world where we are told to remain tight lipped and fake, highly sensitive people show us that it’s ok to feel. And it’s ok to be human. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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