11 Reasons Why Introverts Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

God & Man
God & Man

1. First dates are your worst nightmare.

First dates give you so much anxiety that you usually have to have a glass of wine (or two) to calm yourself down. You are always thinking of the worst possible scenarios, and you don’t enter the date with any high hopes.

2. You don’t f*ck with small talk.

You HATE small talk. The mere thought of it makes you honestly want to vomit. You don’t understand the necessity for talking about the weather or about someone’s favorite restaurant. You only like to engage in conversation that is meaningful and important.

3. Fear of being misunderstood.

You don’t want your date to seem like you are snobby or boring, just because you aren’t talking too much. It physically pains you to get yourself out of your own head, but at the same time, you don’t want to seem like you’re being rude.

4. Your standards are sky high.

You don’t date a lot of people, so when you do decide to date, it’s usually for a specific person. You don’t like to play the field, because you think it’s a waste of your time.

5. It’s hard to pump yourself up for dates.

It’s hard to talk yourself into going on this date in the first place, and getting excited for it is a whole other ball game. You’re already getting way out of your comfort zone, and it’s hard not to talk to yourself out of going, especially if you’re getting ready by yourself.

6. Making eye contact is harder for introverts.

Making eye contact with a stranger is like dipping your toes into a pot of lava. It’s scary and uncomfortable and weird. You really don’t want to seem like you’re anti-social, but it seriously makes you want to run away, go home, and hibernate in your bed. Forever.

7. Meeting new people is a struggle for you.

You’d rather hang out with the people you are close and confident with. You’d rather spend a night with them, having deep and conversation with them, than go on another first date ever again.

8. Your anxiety heightens when meeting his/her family.

When you two become official, the anxiety for you is not nearly over. Meeting their friends and family is absolutely terrifying for you. You play over and over in your head all that could go wrong. You don’t want to seem awkward, but your mind is screaming for you to “get out now“. Your head is always spinning with “what ifs” that make you want to give up on dating and become a forever cat lady.

9. You don’t like to waste your time.

You don’t want to work so hard for nothing. You don’t want to waste energy on someone who doesn’t actually care about you and cherish you. It’s hard to wrap your head around dating forever and ever, and never finding ‘the one’. You want to find your soulmate as soon as possible.

10. You’re only yourself if you know the person super well.

You’re only your best self when you’re with people you love. You’re your most talkative and energetic self, when you’re with your best friends and family. With strangers, you’re tense and uneasy, and you honestly can’t help it. You can’t turn yourself into an extrovert, no matter how hard you tried.

11. It’s extremely hard to find someone who understand the way your mind works.

You’re always scared that you won’t ever find someone who gets you. Who gets that you need your alone time and space. Who understands that being quiet doesn’t mean you’re being rude. You’re honestly terrified you will never find someone who will love your most authentic self. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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