One Day You Are Going To Meet Someone Who Will Make You See Yourself In A Whole New Light

You won’t notice it happening at first. The subtle smiles that have come out of hiding for you. The butterflies that finally have started to flap their wings. The way you have started to hold your head up higher. The way you have started to actually see yourself when you look in the mirror.

You’ll wonder how this person did it. How did they finally make me see that I was worth something? How could they see the beauty in me, when I had no idea I was even special? How did they bring out this light inside of me that I have kept hidden in my head for all of these years?

You won’t understand it entirely; why they love you like they do, why they adore you like they do, or why they feel the way they do about you. You won’t get it at first. But my god, will you be so, so grateful.

When you meet them, you won’t be looking for anyone in particular. You won’t be strolling the streets waiting for someone to love you. You’ll be content in your life. You’ll be ok. But when they come into your life, you will see how much of your life was being wasted. You will see how much of your life was empty and hollow.

And when you meet this person, they will open up a whole new world for you.

A world you never knew existed. A world that showed you how magnificent you truly are. A world that let your light shine without being so afraid anymore. A world that believed in you, in all of you. And a world that finally accepted you, for all that you are.

This person won’t just show you how to love yourself, they will show you what you were missing out on. Not love with someone else, but love within yourself, your own body, and mind. They will show you how to love every piece of you, the dark and the light, the good and the bad. They will convince you that you are in fact worthy of everything that you could ever dream of.

And even if this person leaves you, even if there is a crashing and burning end, you will still have their lessons instilled in you. You will still have their words forever marked on your heart.

And so whenever you are scared, and hopeless, and feel like you are a failure, all you have to do is remember this person. Remember what they showed you. Remember what you learned. Remember what they said and how they carefully held you engulfed in their beautiful words.

One day you will meet a person who will change your life. And even if this person leaves your life, and leaves you aching, you will be forever different and forever changed. Because you see, this person will change you as a human being. This person will instill in you what you need to do to live and lead your best life.

So even if they leave, even if they run away from you, don’t fret about how or why they left. Just remember what you gained from them, not what you lost. And remember that no matter what, no matter who comes and goes in your life, you will always have yourself.

And remember that you are the most important person in your life. So treat yourself like it. And be kind to your heart.

It doesn’t matter if they are gone now. It just matters how they made you feel, and how they made you see yourself. It doesn’t matter if you never see them again. It just matters what they left inside of your soul.

Just love yourself, darling. Don’t forgot those words. Don’t ever forget it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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