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Life Isn’t Meant To Be Easy, And If It Is, Then You’re Doing It Wrong

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Greg Rakozy
Greg Rakozy

Life isn’t supposed to be linear. It’s not supposed to be a flat line of happiness and forever smiles. It’s not supposed to stay the same, just like you’re not supposed to stay the same.

Life is ever evolving and changing. It is a constant surge of ups and downs and of twists and turns.

Life is not and I repeat, not supposed to be easy.

Life is meant to be a journey. An uphill battle, a steady climb, and a never ending walk across different soils. Life is meant to be filled with surprises, filled with agony that one day will turn into healing. Life is meant to be full of hardships, tragedies and celebrations. Life is meant to be filled with sad days that truly make you appreciate the good days.

Your life is not meant to be lived with only one emotion written across your heart.

You’re supposed to feel pain. You’re supposed to hurt. You’re supposed to experience loss. You’re supposed to feel terror. That doesn’t mean that you deserve it. And it doesn’t mean that any of your losses happened for a reason. It’s just part of the unexplainable journey that we are living. It’s just part of what makes us human. It’s part of what makes us beautiful.

Life is not just made for smooth sailing. It’s not made for only luxury, and vacations, and first class treatment. It is not meant to be eighty degrees all year long. You’re supposed to be able to experience the bitter cold and harshest winds. We all are meant to trudge through the freezing snow, and ultimately cross to the sunnier side.

Life is meant for you to work hard at what you want. It’s meant for you to try to live up to your fullest potential. It’s meant to challenge you, to push you, and to fill your heart up to the brim with fire.

You are meant to stretch your mind. To explore different tastes and touches. You are meant to fly across the world and experience the way your feet effortlessly plant firmly on different lands. You are meant to move to a new city, and to fail and fail again. You were meant to try and try again until you are bleeding with fatigue.

But my dear, you were also made to succeed.

Success doesn’t come easily. Happiness doesn’t come easily. Loving your life doesn’t happen in a day, or in a year.

That’s why life was meant to be a coin toss. To shake you around until you finally find your place. To show you that failure will one day lead you to your destiny. And to show you that hard work, the dirty and exhausting work you are doing right now, will one day be all worth it.

So, fight for what you want. Fight for what you need. This is YOUR life. This is YOUR future. And this is YOUR struggle.

So, smile when you need to. Cry when you have to. Break and bend when you can’t do anything else. Have a meltdown and fall again and again. Then pick yourself up. And smile again, this time with meaning. And know that all your struggles and all your failures, will lead you to experience something greater, and lead you to be someone better.

Then begin all over again. And find the courage to stand up, and face tomorrow with just as much hope as you had yesterday. TC mark

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