How To Date The Girl With Standards

Kalegin Michail
Kalegin Michail

When you date a girl with standards, you aren’t just dating anybody. You aren’t just dating a woman who will put up with anything. You are dating someone who trusts that you won’t do anything to make her sting and wince with pain. You are dating someone who truly believes in you. 

A girl with standards is someone who has been through the wringer when it comes to dating. She has standards now, because she used to not have any. She used to put herself and her body through hell trying to make people love her, when they never had the ability to. She used to hold onto people who did nothing but spit hate at her. And she used to love the kind of people who treated her like she was an after thought. Who treated her like she was just another ‘option’.

But now she knows better.

She knows what she wants and what she needs. She knows that she won’t just date anyone anymore. She knows her worth. She finally knows that she is worth something. That she is worth more than half-hearted love.

So when you date a girl who knows her worth, you must find worth in yourself. You must have the confidence in yourself that you won’t hurt her and that you will be there for her through the good and the bad. 

When you date a girl who knows her worth, you must love yourself first. Because she loves herself more than she ever has before. And she knows that she has to date someone with a good head on their shoulders, and with trust in their heart.

When you date a girl who has standards, you must know that you are imperfect, and you have to accept that she isn’t perfect either.

When you date a girl with standards as high as skyscrapers, please be gentle. Do not push her to her limits. Be patient. Do not take her heart so quickly. Cradle it, and hold it when it needs to be held. Take her hand and while you intertwine your fingers through hers, give her reassurance that you aren’t going anywhere.

When you date a girl with standards, know that she is not weak. Realize that her strength comes from all her past experiences and find solace in her bravery that you may never have.

When you date a girl who knows how precious she is, please do not stomp on her heart. She trusts you. She hears your words and believes them. She feels your kisses, and believes in the power of your lips. She feels herself falling and trusts that you won’t drop her.

Please don’t drop her.

Don’t make her fall back onto her old ways. Do not promise her something, and run away with all her trust. Do not make her shrink back into her past self, into someone she never wanted to ever be again.

When you date a girl who has standards, please know that although she is strong and brave, she also has been hurt before. She has been broken. She is not made of iron and metal that binds her bones. No, she is only human. Just like you.

So please, don’t make her regret believing in you. Don’t make her regret falling in love again. And whatever you do, don’t make her fall out of love – with herself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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