10 Reasons Why People With High Functioning Anxiety Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry

1. They are perfectionists.

They are super detail orientated people who pay attention to everything in their lives. This is also true when it comes to dating. They aren’t going to date or settle for anyone off the street. And they frankly will wait forever to find the ‘perfect one’.

2. They will do anything to hide symptoms.

Because they have high functioning anxiety, symptoms don’t always show up physically. If they have little ticks and habits such as nail biting, yawning excessively, or pulling at their cuticles, they won’t want their partner to see them when they are in this state. To have a successful relationship, there needs to be complete trust, and people with this illness are hesitant to show who they are completely to someone.

3. They don’t think their best is good enough.

People with this type of anxiety don’t see their worth. They never see their success as good enough, and they never see their best as anything special. When someone is so wrapped up in their downfalls and their lack of self-esteem, it’s hard to have a healthy relationship.

4. They don’t think they are worthy of great love.

They truly don’t think they deserve a healthy, honest, and magical relationship. And they are scared that they will fail in this category, just like they think they do in everything else in life. They don’t want another reason to bring themselves down.

5. People don’t understand this illness whatsoever.

If they were to get into a relationship, or start dating someone, it’s hard to explain to others what they have. It’s hard to open up and to be completely honest, when you are scared it will make the one you love run away.

6. They excel at everything they do, but see it as failure.

No matter how good they are at something, how beautiful they are, how much praise they get from their boss, they don’t see it as a positive thing. In their heads, they need to work harder and harder and be better than their best. When it comes to relationships, it’s difficult for them to even start dating in fear of getting hurt from the start. They don’t want another ‘fail’ checked off on their list.

7. They are scared to lose control of their emotions.

Love is scary for anyone, but for someone with this mental illness, it’s even more so frightening. They already have so much anxiety and tension going on in their minds, that being in a relationship would just add one more thing to worry about. They don’t want to lose even more control on what’s going on in their heads.

8. Constant self doubt will cause tension with their partner.

If their partner were to compliment them, or give them reasons as to why they love them, their heads would start spinning and turning everything around. It’s not their fault of course, but they take everything positive and turn it into reasons why they aren’t worthy .

9. They don’t know how to take compliments.

They feel uncomfortable when people compliment them and feel like the other person just said it to ‘be nice’. Dating is extremely hard for someone with anxiety because it can manifest itself in different ways and can negatively affect the relationship, not to mention their partner.

10. They don’t have enough energy to even know where to begin.

People with this kind of anxiety have so much going on in their heads 24/7, that dating is usually the last thing on their mind. They would rather focus on their career and what they love doing, than on getting a boyfriend or girlfriend. Usually because they work so hard during the day, they don’t have enough energy to even go on a date the next day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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