The Art Of Falling In Love With Strangers

Patrick Tomasso
Patrick Tomasso

You can fall in love with strangers.
It can happen anywhere.
On plane rides, buses
and in coffee shops.

It can happen when you least expect it.
On a flight to Austin, Texas.
At a loud bar in a city you’ve never visited before.
In a country you are seeing for the first time.

It can happen on a Tuesday afternoon.
One moment, you are mindlessly going through your daily routine
not looking up at people as they pass by
thinking about everything and nothing at the same time.

And then out of nowhere it happens.
You look up and see him.
And all of a sudden you
wake up.

The world is colorful again.
It’s painted with stardust
and is made up of a thousand suns.
And my god, you are alive.

All it takes is a tiny glance.
A simple ‘hello’.
All it takes is a flutter of a heart
or a handshake that feels so much like a kiss.

If you look closely
you can find love wherever you go.
And if you look really hard
you can allow yourself to fall for someone
who hasn’t even asked for your name yet.

All it takes is one stranger
to make you come alive again.
And all it takes is one simple smile
to light your world back on fire. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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