One Day You Will Realize What You Missed Out On, But I’m Not Waiting Around For You To Figure That Out

Clarisse Meyer
Clarisse Meyer

Someday, a girl with long flowing brown hair will walk by you, and you will feel your heart skip a beat. Because for one quick moment, you will have thought it was me.

Someday, you will breathe in a whiff of perfume that smells like my hair right after I shower, and you will close your eyes, silently praying that scent will never leave the air.

Someday, when you are walking down the sidewalk on your own, you will hear a Taylor Swift song blast outside of a coffee shop, and you will think of me amongst the ‘oohs’ and the blasting beats.

Someday, perhaps on a hot summer afternoon in June, you will remember holding my hand in the passenger seat of your car, and you will remember how it felt to truly feel.

Someday, you will be at a crowded party, the kind that is too loud and too hot to breathe. And when you’re there you will picture my face amongst all the chatter and the shots being taken and you will finally be able to exhale.

Someday, you will see a picture of me pop up on your friend’s page or Instagram, and you will suck in your breathe, and feel your hands drip with regret and heart drop with memories of my lips on yours.

Someday, maybe a year from now or five years down the road, we will meet again. You will stutter and shuffle your feet across the gravel, and I will smile and ask you how you have been. And on that day, you will want to tell me that you’re not ok, and that you’re sorry, and that you want me back.

But when that someday happens, I will be gone before you can say a word.

Because on that someday, I won’t need to listen to you, or hear your worn out apology. Because while you have been spending years pining over something that has already died, I will be planting kisses on someone new. And I will be smelling the perfume of someone you will never ever be. And I will be in love with someone that doesn’t resemble you at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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