Here’s To The Endings That Break You And The Beginnings That Rebuild You

Saksham Gangwar
Saksham Gangwar

Here’s to all the endings.

The bittersweet closing of chapters that feel like perfect bookends to our stories. To the endings that tug at all your heartstrings and make hot tears run down your cheeks, watering the dry flowers as you leave. Cheers to all of the goodbyes that make our hearts sink with uncertainty and sadness that only lovers can feel.

Raise a glass to all of those endings. Because even though it ended, even though they ended, or that ended, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t glorious or wonderful.

Because with every ending, comes something new. With every great ending, comes an even greater beginning. With every single closing of a door, comes a new doorknob to pull open. And with every beautiful whisper of ‘goodbye’, comes a new bright ‘hello’. Cheers to those endings, those heart wrenching endings, that are as sacred as any beginning.

Here’s to all the beginnings.

The spark of a new opportunity and a new hand to hold. The butterflies flying and stomach dropping feeling of something new. Here’s to the miracle of a beginning that makes every other ending grow more distant. Here’s to the simple hello’s that result in future ‘I love you’s. Here’s to the simple glance at a party that results in future ‘I do’s’.

Here’s to the beginnings that fog up your endings in your rearview mirror. Here’s to the beginnings that erase your endings completely, and here’s to all the beginnings that make you smile like you never have before.

Raise a glass to the thrill of new life altering moments, and to the feeling you get inside of your heart that makes it hard to breathe because you can’t contain your excitement any longer. Here’s to those beginnings that leave your sadness and loneliness on the ground behind you. Here’s to the beginnings and the do-overs and the starting overs.

Here is to all that you haven’t discovered yet. Here’s to the beginnings that haven’t begun. Here’s to the endings that will break you and here’s to the beginnings that will build you right back up again.

For all the endings we never thought we would recover from, thank you. And for all the beginnings we never thought would happen, thank you for the hope regained. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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