One Day You Will Meet Someone Who Will Make You Forget The Rest


I know you can’t see it right now. You can’t picture it clearly in your head right now. But, one day you will meet someone who will make you forget about the others. And you’ll meet someone who will make you stop looking back on your past.

You think the others from your past were yours to keep. You think you have already lost the ‘one’. You think the ones from before we were good for you, and you keep looking back on your rearview mirror, wanting to go back to it all. Wanting to go back to them. Wanting to go back to him. Wanting to go back to her.

But one day, you will meet someone who will change your perspective on the past. And you will find someone who will make you look to the future instead of backwards at something that is already gone.

You are going to find the person who makes you realize why it didn’t ever work out with any other person. You will come to find that the past wasn’t picture perfect after all.

And you’ll finally stop pining after people who have already left.

You’ll look to the years ahead of you when you meet the person who is exactly what you never found with anyone else. And you’ll come to the conclusion that the future looks a lot brighter than the past ever did.

When you meet this person, you’ll stop over glorifying your exes and people who showed their true colors to you. You’ll stop missing those people who already walked out of your life. And you’ll finally start living in the now. With the person who counts.

When this person walks into your life, you’ll laugh at yourself for wanting something that was never yours from the start. And you’ll recognize that you are worth this person’s undivided attention. And you are worthy of their love.

You’ll understand that you are lovable, despite what the past may have whispered to you.

You’ll understand that you are worth loving someone who loves you with every fiber of their being. And you’ll finally put your past on the back burner of your life.

One day you will find someone who will love every part of you – the good and the bad. One day you will find someone who will let you be your true self. And who won’t ever make you regret letting them walk into your life. 

I know it’s hard to imagine. It’s hard to picture in your mind when the past is so clearly etched in your heart.

But one day you’ll meet someone who will etch themselves into your heart instead of something that hurts you to look back on.

And one day, you’ll find the perfect person for you, who will make you finally forget the rest. And you’ll finally be content not turning the rearview mirror towards the corner of your eye. You’ll finally be able to stare directly at the present moment. And you’ll finally be able to love with your whole heart and with your full attention. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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