If Your Partner Doesn’t Do These 10 Things, He’s Not Good Enough For You


1. Validates your feelings.

Instead of him telling you the reasons why you should or shouldn’t be feeling a certain way, he needs to be able to acknowledge you true emotions, to accept them, and to show empathy.

2. Actually listens to you.

He shouldn’t just nod his head or shrug his shoulders when you are telling him about yourself or about something that’s important to you. The right man for you will be able to look you in the eyes and show his consideration for you while you speak.

3. Ask questions.

If your guy isn’t asking you questions about your life and about who you are, something isn’t right. The right guy who is truly worth it, will want to get to know you on a deeper level and will be curious as hell about every aspect of your life.

4. Gets along with your family.

If he doesn’t even at least try to get along with your family and win them over, he’s not worth it. Period.

5. Gives you your space.

If your guy tends to get super clingy and won’t ever give you your peace and quiet, he’s not good enough for you. You need a man to have his own life outside of your relationship, and you need a man who wants you to have your own space, just like him.

6. Pleases you in bed.

If your guy doesn’t want to please you in the bedroom and has no intention of making you happy, what the hell are you doing with someone like that?

7. Respects your body.

If you want to wait to have sex, or if you feel tired from a night out, he should respect your decision 100%. He needs to be able to have the patience and love for you, to only be intimate with you, when you want to.

8. Makes you laugh.

You deserve someone who can make you laugh until you can’t breathe. you deserve someone who’s sense of humor blends perfectly with yours. If he can’t make you laugh, I doubt he is going to be your forever person.

9. Calls you in a crisis.

When someone calls you for help or when they are in need, it shows that you are the first person they thought of when they were in trouble. Find someone who finds comfort in just your voice when they need it most.

10. Sends you ‘checking’ in texts.

There is something so special about someone taking time out of their day to call you up or text you, letting you know they are thinking of. You deserve a guy who does little things like this, to make you feel loved and to make you feel like you are the most important girl in his life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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