Find Someone Who Looks At You Like You Are Their Whole Universe


Find someone who looks at you like they are seeing twinkling christmas lights whenever they look into your eyes. And even if those christmas lights are dulled down and faded from time, find someone who still sees the magic inside of you.

Find someone who doesn’t just see the sun when they look at you. Find someone who can catch your eye and see a whole galaxy in you. Find someone who can kiss you and feel the earth turn just a little more.

Find someone who sees a universe inside of you.

This isn’t about looks. This isn’t about the exterior. Because love is anything but superficial. Love is the realest thing that anyone could ever have in our lifetime.

Love is magic. But it also humble.

So don’t look for someone with the best hair, or the best mega watt smile. Don’t look for someone that your friends gush over, patting you on the back for finding a ‘catch’. Don’t look for someone who is the best dressed, and who cares too much about their time in the gym than anything else.

Find someone who actually cares about your world. And find someone who wants to share their world with you.

Find someone who finds you beautiful, no matter that zit on your face, or that scar on your cheek. Find someone who can look at you with the same gentle eyes, no matter what mistakes you have done. Because they will love you regardless.

Find someone who sees stars inside of every bone in your body. And find someone who loves you even when they stop glowing in the dark.

Find someone who doesn’t give up on you no matter how much baggage and how much damage you carry from the past. And find someone who always believes in your love, because to them you are the most magnificent and beautiful planet in the galaxy. And find someone who makes you believe in that kind of love again. Because it’s out there for you. And it will happen one day.

Find someone who doesn’t just see a star in you.

Find someone who doesn’t just see you as the earth.

Find someone who sees you as their whole universe.

And who lets your universe collide with theirs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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