20 Tiny Life Lessons Every 20-Something Should Know By Now

Natalie Allen
Natalie Allen

1. People growing apart from you does not mean that you are losing amazing friendships. This just means that you are one step closer to finding the right group of people to share your life with.

2. It’s ok to still be living at home in your twenties. As long as you are saving up money, and are planning to one day move out, this is a smart decision on your part.

3. Love is hard. It’s not all fireworks and make out sessions. Love takes hard work and dedication. It’s not a walk in the park to be in love.

4. Being in a relationship isn’t going to make you any happier if you aren’t happy with yourself first.

5. It is extremely useful and not to mention attractive to know how to make meals for yourself and to be able to be independent.

6. Your first love usually is not going to be a forever love.

7. Being single isn’t as miserable as we all make it seem. Go out and enjoy your freedom and your single status.

8. Your parents are usually always going to be right, so you might as well start agreeing and getting along with them.

9. It’s perfectly ok to not have a career that correlates with the subject you majored in at school.

10. Your mental health is not something you should ever ignore.

11. Live your life according to you. Stop listening to what everyone else wants you to do. Stop listening to what society says you’re supposed to do. Do what you want to do and do it with confidence.

12. Have time for self care. Never underestimate the power of a great nights sleep and some much needed time for yourself.

13. Learning how to control your alcohol intake should be a no brainer at this point in your life.

14. Make a savings account and put money aside for it every month. It seems like such an insignificant task to do this early on, but it will be worth it in a few years.

15. Focus on yourself and what your career goals are. Don’t look at other people and try to run at their speed. Go at your own pace and you will find your way at the right time.

16. Life is not a race, or a marathon. It is not a sprint or even a jog. It is meant it be enjoyed.

17. It’s ok to not want what everyone else wants.

18. When you feel like giving up, take a break. Take time to tend to your own needs. Then, get up and start again. Never stop trying to do better and be better than who you were yesterday.

19. Be kind to people. Don’t judge someone just because they are different than you or because they look different from the norm.

20. Hold onto your loved ones. Don’t ever take them for granted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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