17 Tiny Things You Need To Do In Order To Live A Better Life In 2017



Wake up earlier. Stop procrastinating and finish those pesky chores and errands before you have your morning coffee.


Take daily walks. This will not only make your body feel better, this will get your endorphins flowing and will decrease your stress.


Remind yourself of one thing to be grateful for every day.


Smile more.


Call your parents once a week. You’ll make their day.


Go to the farmers market on Sundays instead of ordering take out Chinese food. Make your meal and take the time to learn how to cook meals you actually enjoy.


Delete your dating apps. Really, all they do is take up space in your phone and are a huge waste of your time.


Have one less drink at the bar than what you would normally consider your limit. You’ll thank me in the morning.


Write out a list of things you want to accomplish every single day. This will help you visualize what your goals are and will help you stay focused on what you truly want in your life.


Stop the gossiping. You will only get yourself in more trouble, and you won’t feel too good about yourself for spreading so much negativity.


Buy some fresh flowers. There’s nothing like a nice bouquet of great smelling flowers to raise your spirits and freshen up your living space.


Give more hugs. Even if you aren’t a big hugger, hugging will make you appreciate the many people in your life that you normally don’t see on a daily basis.


Catch up with old friends. Spending time with friends who have lost touch with you will make you feel proud of yourself for taking time out to make the effort. Who knows what could come from your newly awakened relationships.


Stop hiding your feelings out of fear. Tell that boy you like him. Tell that girl you love her. Stop missing opportunities just because you fear rejection.


Listen to more music. Instead of browsing the internet or binge watching Netflix like you normally do, turn up the radio and take time out to appreciate good music and take a breather.


Throw out old clothes. Take time out of your busy day and go through your closet. Get rid of old and worn out clothing you never use anymore. I guarantee, you’re going to feel lighter after getting rid of all of those items.


Love more. Stop dwelling on the negative and toxic relationships. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you and never take those people for granted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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