11 Tiny Things Every 20-Something Needs To Do To Get Ahead In Life

Jovana Rikalo
Jovana Rikalo

1. Get off your computer. Go for walks. Go visit friends. Get off all your electronics.

2. Ask for help when you know you need it. Call your parents. Call your therapist. There is no shame in that.

3. Start communicating with people that you have always admired but have been too afraid to actually get up and talk to.

4. Take that trip you have always wanted to take. Really do it. Stop waiting around, searching for the ‘right time’. Go buy those tickets and take that plunge.

5. Let your feelings go. If you want to be a happier person, stop bottling up your feelings and keeping them inside. If you are sad, tell someone. Take care of yourself. Truly listen to how you are doing and make those steps to better yourself.

6. Stop hiding. Now is not the time to hide away in self pity, and into a pile of self- loathing. Start believing that you are beautiful and forget those people who think otherwise. Be your own star and your own light.

7. Quit the job you hate. It doesn’t matter how much money you are making from it. It doesn’t matter how good it looks on your resume. If you aren’t passionate about what you are doing five days out of the week, leave now.

8. Stop letting failure scare you from what you want and need. Start accepting that failure is necessary to eventually succeed.

9. Cut out those toxic people in your life. If you are ‘friends’ with people just out of comfort or because of your history, it is finally time to say goodbye. You have no room for negative people in your life. Let them go.

10. Take time out to do what you really love. Take time for yourself to paint, to make music, and to do what makes your heart and mind light up. Life is too short to stop doing what you adore to do.

11. Love. Love with your whole heart. Stop fearing rejection. Stop getting scared. Say, ‘I love you’ and mean it. No matter what happens, at least you can say that you truthfully felt real love. TC mark

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You look back and you just feel stupid.
You can’t forgive yourself for falling
or believing all the lies.
You reread every text.
You relive every memory.
And it all starts making sense —
he never wanted love.
He only wanted attention.
He only wanted validation.

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