11 Things People Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because You Are An Extroverted Introvert

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

1. You adore meaningful conversations, but want to run away when it’s time for small talk.

You thrive and light up during meaningful conversations, but at the same time, you shrink inside during small talk. You hate to talk about the weather and meaningless facts about other people’s lives and would so much rather talk about topics that intrigue you.

2. You need time alone before and after social engagement.

Even though you are more outgoing than an introvert, social gatherings can drain a bit of your energy. You love spending time by yourself reflecting on the day you just had, and you definitely need to be by yourself after heavy partying and conversation.

3. You always have a special plan to tell your friends just in case you want to leave an event early.

Just in case the party isn’t what you expected, you always have an exit strategy set up. You never would want to insult anyone by leaving early, so making up a great excuse is essential for every social event you attend.

4. You don’t like making plans far in advance.

Your friends complain when you tell them you don’t want to make plans two months in advance. You understand you’re probably making it more difficult than it needs to be, but you don’t want to plan something and later on regret that decision.

5. You won’t talk with just anyone.

You are very careful with the energy that you give others. You don’t want to talk to every single person at the party, and would very much rather have a long talk with someone that you have a great connection with.

6. You pay close attention to who is on the guest list of every gathering.

You like to see who is going to what, in order to prepare yourself for the worst of situations. You always make sure one of your best friends is coming along with you, so you know you will always have someone to talk to.

7. Your social calendar is very important to you.

You don’t want to fill up your time with meaningless events and parties. You need group dinners with great conversation as well as equally having nights in by yourself.

8. You can be incredibly chatty with people you are comfortable with.

People call you ‘chatty Kathy’ when you are amongst your good friends. You could talk forever to people you vibe well with and connect with on a deeper level. You fully enjoy these long talks where you can learn and reflect with someone else.

9. You can become instantly quieter amongst a crowd.

Usually, crowds are not your thing and you can become a bit anxious in them. You would rather stay quiet and in your own head than ever have to make nice small talk with a stranger.

10. You make a new best friend at every gathering you go to.

You’re the queen or king of making new friends. Especially at events that you feel genuinely comfortable at, you confidently go up and talk to people you find interesting without fear.

11. Keeping in touch with all of your friends can be difficult for you.

Because you have so many friends, keeping up with everyone can be quite stressful. Sometimes, people can take your planning skills the wrong way and you have to be super careful all the time to not step on anyone’s toes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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