10 Things You Need To Remind Yourself When You Are Ready To Give Up On Love

Grace Chung
Grace Chung


True love is not meant to be rushed.


Just because your best friend has found love, doesn’t mean you are less of an awesome person.


Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Just because you haven’t found a significant other, doesn’t mean you don’t have love in your life. You have your family and your friends and some people can’t say that.


Love is not a race or a contest. Despite what society tells us, finding our happily ever after shouldn’t be a ‘first place’ position to fill. No matter what age you are, you should never feel pressured to find it as soon as possible just because all your friends are getting engaged.


Real love happens when you least expect it. You could find your ‘person’ in a grocery store or at a gas station. You never know when it might happen, so don’t give up.


Love isn’t everything. Focus on your career, on your friendships, and on your health. There are so many more things to life than finding a significant other.


Instead of spending time drowning in your sorrows, take time to do some self-care. Focus on yourself, and learn to love yourself regardless of your relationship status.


If you spend too much time looking for love, you’ll start neglecting the people that really matter. Go out with your friends, have a night dedicated to your family, and focus on the relationships that you do have.


Everyone is struggling with this problem too. And people are struggling from far worse problems than not finding love yet. You are not alone with your suffering and loneliness. Talk to someone about it.


You have survived worse things than this. You have conquered challenges you never thought you could. You have lived through chaos and through troubled times. You will live through this. I promise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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