We Are The Generation That Doesn’t Know How To Love


We boast about being in love, and knowing what it means. But, do we truly know what it means to love someone with our whole hearts? Do we truly know how to love?

We say we know how to love and we say we do it well. But, since when did love become so watered down and hazy? Since when did love become this form of a toxic partnership with arguments over every little thing, and a heavy lack of communication skills.

Since when did love become a joke?

We post about the people we love on Instagram, only feeling happy when we get above a certain amount of likes. We post anniversary pictures and brag about the gifts we received. We make grand gestures, and make grand speeches, thinking that’s what love is about.

But we have stopped talking. We have stopped truly caring about what’s real. We’ve let the word ‘love’ become a little less magical. We’ve let the word ‘love’ become a little less meaningful, and a little less about love.

We run the second the honeymoon phase is over. We run the second our partner makes a mistake or sends a text to someone else. We fight over our drunken states, but we never really say anything at all. We don’t know how to communicate anymore. We just spit out white lies and hushed whispers. We don’t know how to be in love. Because all love has become for us, is something that ends.

And all that we know about love, is that it can break your heart. So, we run.

But, we need to stop running. We need to stop finding comfort in the chaos. We need to start to really look at one another with open minds, and to tell each other we feel. Stop hiding from the people you care about. Stop being shy about your feelings.

Just tell your truth. Just say it. And stop running from what you want and what you need.

Speak out. Tell that girl you love her. Tell that boy you adore him. And if they don’t love you back, they weren’t the one for you. And know that one day you will find someone who loves you back in the same way. Stop the arguments over silly things that don’t fucking matter. Stop acting like love is just a game for you. Love isn’t something to play around with. Not then, and not now.

At the end of the day, love is the most important thing that anyone can have. It’s time to appreciate it’s magic. It’s time to give love the life it deserves. So stop watering it down. Stop stomping on it’s true meaning. And start to really, truly, love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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