This Is The Real Reason You Should Never Run After The One That Got Away

Ryan Moreno
Ryan Moreno

Don’t chase after them. Don’t run or even skip. Because I can guarantee you, if they got away from you once, they are going to do it again. Without remorse.

It’s easy to be in love with the one who got away. They are untouchable, unattainable and mysterious. You constantly think to yourself, they have to come back. If they truly loved me, they would come back. But they already left you. They got away as fast as they could, even if it pained them to do so. They left you. They ran from your love and care.

And the truth is, they don’t deserve you.

I know you think about the good times you had with them. Maybe you were with them for years and 100% expected to be married to them by now. Maybe you were young and they changed their mind. Maybe you were too in love and blinded by the magic to see their wandering eyes. Maybe you were too patient to see their eyes already rested on a thumbtack on a map.

I hope you know it’s not your fault.

They had sights set on things you could never give them. They had feet that kept wanting to walk. They had their heart set on something else. And you shouldn’t run after that. You shouldn’t even try. Because they are just going to run faster. They are just going to keep going, and leave you behind again.

A person like this is never going to settle down for too long. A person like this was born with a restless and wild heart not cut out for the life you wanted with them. And maybe they were born to not need the love you gave them. They aren’t worth that unconditional love.

The truth is, if they truly loved you, their eyes would be set on you, not on anything else.

So, don’t run after them. Don’t try to catch them. Because the one who got away is someone who doesn’t want to be caught. The one that got away is someone who doesn’t want to be chased. And I know its not fair. It’s not fair what they did to you. It’s not fair they gave up on what you two had. It’s not fair that they get up one morning and change their mind. It makes no sense.

But, you have got to believe that you are worth more than someone who will run from you. You’ve got to believe that you deserve someone who will always, always leave no matter who they are with. You’ve got to believe that you are worth loving someone who wants to stay.

Darling, don’t run.

Don’t chase them until there is no fresh oxygen inside your lungs. Don’t run out of that beautiful air inside of your heart. Don’t chase someone who will never look back. Don’t sprint towards someone who doesn’t have the decency to give you an explanation.

Let them leave. Let them go. And get rid of that wound inside your heart that stings you at night. This person isn’t worth it. This person isn’t worth a damn thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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