If He Puts Up With These 8 Things, He Is Your Forever Person


Sometimes, I can be quite a handful. I’m extremely sensitive, and anything can set me off. I wake up each day looking like I got hit by a bus, and I can curse like a sailor for no reason at all. If I can find a guy who can put up with these things on top of a long list of other things that make me, me, he’s a keeper.

1. Your bluntness.

If you find a guy who can accept the fact that you can be incredibly blunt and honest, even if that truth is painful, you’ve found yourself a great guy. No matter how blunt you are in front of his friends or family, if he can appreciate your liveliness and honesty, he’s not going anywhere.

2. Your sensitivity.

If you find a boyfriend who doesn’t walk away when you start crying over that incredibly sad animal commercial, or when you start yelling at him over something that has nothing to do with him at all, you’ve found someone who truly loves you.

3. Your rants.

When you find a man who can appreciate your rants over dinner about your co-workers, or about a guy who did you wrong, you’ve found your forever person.

4. Your quirks.

When you date someone who adores every little weird thing about you, you can’t possibly complain. No matter how loudly you chew, or how much you love Taylor Swift, if he finds it adorable, never let him go.

5. Your best friends.

If you find a man who will hang out with your best friends for wine nights or a day touring a new city, he’s the one for you. Even if your best friends sometimes drive him insane, if he thoroughly enjoys their presence because it makes you happy then that’s a definite good sign.

6. Your family.

Let’s face it. Every family has its flaws and bad habits. Every family has it’s unique set of quirks that could drive anyone up a wall. But, if your guy wants to truly get to know them and can set aside their rude tendencies or blunt remarks, he’s a keeper.

7. Your pessimistic views.

Sometimes the world can be a little too much for you, and giving up seems a lot easier than moving forward. If you find someone who will lift you up and won’t ever let you give up on your dreams, don’t say goodbye to him.

8. He doesn’t view being with you as ‘putting up’ with you.

To be honest, if he only does these things and it causes him a lot of annoyance or pain, he’s not the right guy for you. But, if he does these last 7 things for you out of love and of pure intentions, he is most definitely for you. When you find your forever person, he won’t see these things as just putting up with you. He will see it as loving you and adoring you, even if you are a giant pain in the ass sometimes.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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