Here’s Every Kind Of Heartbreak You Will Undoubtedly Experience In Your 20’s / piskunov / piskunov

1. “The First Love”

This is the relationship where you gave a piece of your heart to someone. The one who promised forever with you. When it ends, you don’t know how you will survive. You are sure that you will never love someone ever again, and he was ‘the one’ for you. This heartbreak will last the longest and will try to destroy you. It’s going to hurt a lot, and are going to wish you were dead, but you will one day, be ok again.

2. “The hookup buddy”

You will most likely have a crush on someone who lives on the same floor as you in college. You always invite them to your dorm room, but trying to do anything with them is awkward AF because of your roommate. Soon, the hookups become less passionate and more of a chore for you and you call it off. Sure enough, the next day you see your hookup buddy in his room, making out with your roommate. You are heartbroken for a month at most, but it isn’t the end of the world for you.

3. “The Blind sider”

You fall hard for a guy who sits next to you in english class. He is adorable, and is your type to a T. For your 21st birthday, he invites you out and buys you shots that give you the courage to give him a kiss. Over the next few weeks you continue talking and hanging out. One particularly magical night, you walk in the snow with him, hand in hand, only to wake up the next morning with a message from him saying he “isn’t looking for anything serious”. Your heartbreak is most definitely prolonged because you still have to sit next to him in class and try not to stare.

4. “The game changer”

You are really tired of this whole “hooking up thing” so you look for someone serious. You meet a guy who lights up your whole world, and gives you butterflies everywhere. You think he’s as serious as you are. He tells you, you’re beautiful and kisses you like you’ve never been kissed before. After a few months, he tells you he changed his mind. Your best friend ends up dating him quickly after. (Yes, this happened to me). Your heartbreak won’t last too long once you realize they probably deserved each other.

5. “The one that got away”

This kind of heartbreak is all consuming. You miss your first love (still) and can’t stand the thought of them being with anyone else. No one has ever come close to loving you like they did, and you miss being so crazily in love. You think maybe they still feel the same as you and tell them you still love them. Their feelings aren’t reciprocated and it feels like you’re 18 all over again. (Don’t worry, this heartbreak won’t last forever even though you think it will)

6. “The Unrequited Love”

You could be in love with your best friend, or a guy who is in love with someone else. Regardless of who it is, this heartbreak stings like hell. Especially if you have to see this person a lot, you’re going to need tubfuls of Ben & Jerry’s to get through this one.

7. “The Cheater”

The worst kind of heartbreak. Only time will heal this type of heartbreak.

8. “When you end it”

This kind of heartbreak is particularly hard because even though you know it is best to end the relationship, you are breaking someone else’s heart in the process. It is a terrible feeling to know that you are the cause of someone else’s pain, and you will need your friends to support you and let you know that you did the right thing. Even though you hate that you had to end it, it is ultimately better than stringing someone along.

9. “The Best Friend breakup”

Whether it’s because you grew apart or because you had a huge falling out, losing your best friend is always going to be incredibly hard. It’s hard to not reminisce on the history you two had shared but, sometimes people change and grow apart. It’s just a part of life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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