11 Things People Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because You’re An Introvert

Paolo Raeli

1. Cancel plans.

You aren’t trying to be rude or offend anyone, but on some days you need to spend time alone. You can’t handle too much stimulation all at once because it will drain your physical and mental energy in just a matter of minutes.

2. Leave parties early.

When the crowd gets too noisy and overcrowded, you excuse yourself early and leave. This doesn’t mean you are shy or you don’t enjoy a good party. This just means that in crowded places, you feel more isolated. You would rather be at a dinner with your close friends or by yourself in a cafe.

3. Never answer phone calls.

On the phone, it is impossible to read how other people are reacting in regards to their facial expression or gestures. Phone calls are incredibly awkward and stress inducing for you, and you would 100% rather speak to people in person.

4. Don’t participate in small talk.

Small talk makes you anxious, nervous and will get you running to the exit sign faster than ever before. You hate talking about the weather or about other people’s career goals. You would rather have a stimulating and deep conversation that would actually make you feel good rather than drained.

5. Spend much needed days alone to recharge.

This doesn’t mean you are shy and this doesn’t mean that you hate everyone. You just need to spend a few days on your own when you have hit your limit on over stimulation.

6. Travel alone.

You would 100% rather travel alone than with someone else. Introverts are excellent observers and thinkers, and you will get joy out of doing this solely on your own.

7. Spend more time observing than talking.

Whether it’s at a party or at a concert, you don’t participate in chit-chat. You love to watch people and observe different behaviors. Chit-chat ruins the opportunity to learn and think quietly by yourself.

8. Have an extrovert as a best friend.

They say opposites attract and that’s true for best friends too. You two compliment each other so well and they understand when you need to take time for yourself. They also like to engage in deep conversations with you, which doesn’t drain your energy like small talk would.

9. Read books or do work in cafes.

There’s something so satisfying doing work in a place that is surrounded by people and not having to interact with any of them. Of course you love reading or writing in the comfort of your own home, but you sometimes like to get out into the world, and still be able to sit quietly on your own.

10. You are incredibly selective with who you choose to hang out with.

You don’t have a million friends. You have a close knit group of people who you choose to spend time with because you know they won’t drain your energy. They engage in meaningful and intimate conversations with you that makes you feel alive.

11. Gain a lot of energy from being alone.

You thrive from your alone time. You get so much energy from focusing on yourself and really thinking on your own in silence. You enjoy hanging out with your close friends and people that you love, but there is nothing like a quiet Friday evening spent doing your favorite things with nowhere to go and with no one to see. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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