To The Boys Who Ended It With Great Girls: I Hope You Miss The Hell Out Of Us


To the boys who have broken hearts of beautiful girls with beautiful minds, and to the boys who have ended beautiful relationships for selfish reasons, I hope you miss the hell out of us. And you know what? I bet you do.

This isn’t for those of you out there with great souls, or the one’s who have had valid reasons for ending a relationship. This isn’t for the kind hearted boys with selfless intentions. This is for the ones who have hate running through their veins. This is for the boys who don’t know the difference between right and wrong.

This is for those of you out there who only think about themselves.

Let me guess, you probably ended it because you hadn’t had a taste of all the cakes that you wanted yet. Or maybe you ended it because you ‘didn’t see a future’ with her. Maybe you even ended it ‘just because’. Without a reason at all.

First off, I would like to congratulate you for being a total jack ass. It isn’t cool to blindside people. It isn’t cool to breakup with someone just so you can hookup with other girls and relish in your ‘freedom’. It isn’t kind. It isn’t nice. And I hope your mothers are ashamed of you all.

It’s one thing to break up with someone because you truly have been having tough times. It’s one thing to break up with someone because you are emotionally unhappy in that partnership. But it’s another to completely destroy someone just so you can play your games with other people.

It’s another thing to completely blindside someone out of the blue, and run away as fast as you can.

It is disgusting what you all have done. And I hope you are ashamed of yourselves. Sure, maybe you got some action and fun drunken nights with cute girls and maybe you even feel free from being newly single. But you have to think about the other person in this situation. Think about that girl who is probably gutted right now about not being with you. Think about that girl who you used to have feelings for. Who gave you the privilege of being her boyfriend. 

I hope you miss us.

I hope you miss the way we walked and held your hand. I hope you miss the way we kissed you, because we trusted your lips on ours. I hope you miss the best thing you ever had. And I hope you regret what you did. I hope in the back of your mind, you will always see our broken hearted faces. I hope at night, you wish we were beside you. I hope you punch yourself for causing us pain. 

I hope you miss the hell out of us. And you know what? There’s no question in my mind that you do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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