The Real Truth About Why Love Is Never Enough To Save Relationships

Léa Dubedout
Léa Dubedout

Sometimes, love isn’t enough. No matter how strong it is. And no matter how big it is, sadly, love is not the only thing to keep two people together. You need love, yes. Of course you do. But you need a lot more than love to keep a relationship going.

A lot of people think that love is the answer. They think that it’s the secret. But if it was the secret to successful relationships, than no one would be breaking up. No one would be divorcing.

If love was the secret, then there would be a lot more people happily married right now.

Sometimes, love is all a couple has. And when that happens, there is not a lot they can do anymore. Love alone is not going to keep those two people together. Love alone is something, but it’s not everything. 

So, when a relationship or marriage ends, it’s not because the love wasn’t there. It’s not because their love wasn’t real. It’s because of a million other things. Maybe it’s money, or differences on how to raise children. Maybe it’s two people growing apart. Maybe it’s a realization that they are too different. Maybe it’s about something that happened in the past. Perhaps it’s distance. Or maybe it’s an unhealthy relationship that needs to end.

Regardless of what the reason is, no matter what, people should never judge other people for ending it. Don’t ever judge a broken up couple and say that they weren’t in love enough. Don’t say they didn’t try hard enough. Don’t ever place blame on love for being the driving force between two individuals.

Love is always there. Most likely when two people say their vows to one another, they mean it 100%. Trust me when I say, no one goes into a relationship thinking it’s going to end. No one goes into a marriage thinking it’s going to end. Everyone believes that love will make it last forever. Everyone thinks that love is something so powerful, that it can withstand any hurricane.

I learned the hard way about love.

I thought that as long as love was alive, it would be ok. I thought that as long as the love was true, we would be fine. But distance took it’s toll. Lack of communication took it’s toll. And even though we loved each other so dearly, we had to end it.

And that’s the worst part about it. When no one cheats. When no one does anything wrong. And instead, life gets in the way. And it breaks people apart. No matter how hard you try, and no matter how beautiful that love is, it ends. And there isn’t anything you can do.

When I was a little girl, I thought that love was magic. I thought that love was forever. You learn that love is supposed to be this thing that will always hold two people together. You learn that love is supposed to be the be all and end all.

As it turns out, love is magic. It’s just all the other stuff that gets in the way. It’s just life that tends to push it aside.

But even though relationships end, and marriages fall apart, it doesn’t mean that these individuals won’t stop loving one another till death do they part. It doesn’t mean their love wasn’t strong enough. It just means that life was too tough on them, to make it through. And it’s not loves fault. It’s not their fault. It’s just life. It’s just what makes love so hard. And it’s what makes love so incredibly beautiful, when it finally works out. And when it finally lasts. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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