She’s Not Your Forever Girl Unless You Can Talk Freely About These 15 Things


1. That you’re angry. If she can’t take it when you are upset with something and refuses to talk about it, then she doesn’t know how to communicate openly. If she truly loved you, she would want to work it out with you and make you feel better.

2. That you need space. If she gets jealous or mad every time you ask for space, then she is incredibly immature and can’t handle being in a relationship. For a relationship to blossom and grow, you need to be your own person, and you can’t spend every second with your significant other. That’s truly unhealthy for you both.

3. Your pet peeves. If you can’t openly talk about what pet peeves annoy you or get under your skin, then you need to reevaluate your relationship. For a relationship to work, you both need to contribute and talk about things that are uncomfortable. If she can’t handle the truth, she can’t handle the relationship.

4. About your ex’s. When you try to talk about your ex’s with your girl and she immediately shuts down or becomes angry, then that’s a red flag. For someone to become so riled up about that, is a true problem. She can’t be your forever if she can’t come to terms with the fact that you have been with other girls before her.

5. What you want your future to be like. For a relationship to grow and mature, you two will need to talk about what you see in your future and whether or not that involves each other. If your significant other can’t talk about this with you, she is not going to be your forever girl.

6. What makes you sad. It’s natural for everyone to feel sad and down at times. If she mocks you or tries to make fun of you for being vulnerable, dump her immediately.

7. How you feel about her family and friends. If you want to talk about her friends and family and she doesn’t think that it’s important, than she clearly is not mature enough to be in it for the long haul. Friends and family are an essential part of getting to know one another, and you need to find someone who cares enough to get to know them and talk about them with you.

8. What would make sex better for the both of you. This one is pretty self explanatory, but if you two can’t discuss how to make sex better, you shouldn’t be having it in the first place.

9. Your favorite sex positions. If she isn’t open to discuss trying new things  in the bedroom with you, you are heading down a road of pretty bland sex and a pretty bland life.

10. What you love most about one another. If she never opens up to you about why she loves you and if you never feel comfortable telling her your reasons, then why are you guys even together? She needs to be able to open up with you on why you are special to her, and you do to.

11. Your worst memories. Everyone has bad days and even more embarrassing moments. If you can’t even share that with her, then you obviously aren’t comfortable telling her a lot of things. You need to find someone who you can spill your darkest secrets to, without fear.

12. How you genuinely feel about one another. If you feel at a loss when it comes to how you feel about her, or if she has never expressed to you about how she feels, then this is a major problem. Your forever girl needs to speak up and be open about her feelings towards you. And you need to find a girl who you feel comfortable doing this with.

13. What you think she needs to work on. If you feel extremely scared or uncomfortable telling her what you think she needs to do better on in regards to her work or personal life, then she isn’t the one. You can’t be constantly walking on egg shells with someone who could possible be your wife one day!

14. Whether or not you are religious or spiritual. If you two have not discussed your religious beliefs with one another, please know how important that is. Is she super religious? Does she believe in God? Does she know that you may not? Religion is a vital part of life for some people, and she isn’t your forever girl if you have no idea how she feels about this.

15. Your core values. Understanding your core values in a relationship is a big deal. This isn’t about your common interests or hobbies, this is about your beliefs on how people should be treated, and how you believe you want to be treated and cherished. Knowing what each other values most, is an incredibly huge part of a relationship and if you guys have not discussed this in depth, you may want to reevaluate your relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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