I Don’t Want A Perfect Relationship, I Want One That’s Real

Greg Rakozy
Greg Rakozy

I don’t want a relationship that is only filled with pixie dust and cheesy gestures. I don’t want a relationship that is based on perfection and only how it looks like on the outside.

I don’t want a perfect relationship. I want one that’s real.

I need substance. I want the good and the bad, for better and for worse. I want all of the tears and all of the smiles that can genuinely be felt. I want the hugs and the kisses and the arguments that end in silence.

The truth is, no relationship is perfect. No relationship can stand against the harshest and coldest winds. No relationship can stand tall when rain pounds on the foundation of the house. No relationship is unbreakable. Every relationship can break. Every relationship can go through tough times. And every relationship has to go through those tough days in order for it to be a real partnership.

Every relationship must go through the darkness, to get to the light.

It’s the effort you put in that makes a relationship work. It’s the fight that makes the difference, and the tears that water the weeds you planted a long time ago.

And we all deserve relationships that bloom.

I want a bond that grows and matures instead of one that always remains stagnant. I want a relationship that is a force of lightening mixed with rumbles of thunder and rain.

I don’t want quiet. I don’t want silence. I want raised voice if that’s what is going to get us to grow. I want passion and lively voices that actually care. I want a relationship that can fall down, but can grow back together step by step.

I want a relationship that is alive.

I don’t care for perfection. I don’t care for politeness and little white lies to make another person feel better. I don’t care for sideways glances and whispers of doubt.

I want to hear someone shout for me, not whisper. I want them to scream out their love for me, not grow silent. I am done with half ass relationships that always end up in the dirt. I am done with relationships that refuse to grow out of fear.  

I want the kind of relationship that makes every cell in my body feel vibrant. I want the kind of relationship that makes my veins run with the wind, whenever I am with that person. I want passion and I want substance.

I don’t need the perfect picture anymore. It’s not a real representation of love. It’s not even close.

Seeking perfection will only leave you alone once agin. Seeking perfection in a relationship will only get you so far. So, seek the imperfection. Seek the fire. And seek love that isn’t washed over with whispers and false hope. Seek love that’s real in all its beauty and all its flaws. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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