Here’s Exactly What These 7 Types Of Dreams About Your Ex Mean

Greg Rakozy
Greg Rakozy

I know I’m not the only one who has woken up in a frenzy after dreaming about an ex. It’s always an upsetting reminder from your subconscious that you could in fact still have feelings for them. Or maybe, you just feel guilty about breaking up with them. Whatever the case may be, dreaming about an ex is always, always going to mess with your head.

1. A sex dream about an ex you haven’t seen in years.

We all have them. You wake up in a sweat, and looking around you, you realize it was just in a fact a dream. So, now you’re thinking, Oh crap! I’m still not over my ex! But this isn’t necessarily true. When we have sex dreams, it usually means that we are craving more intimacy and close contact with people in our lives. However, if you keep having this dream with the same ex, chances are you may have some lingering feelings for them. And chances are, you definitely still want to sleep with them.

2. A dream of getting back together with your first love.

Look, it’s normal to dream about your first love even if you are in a relationship right now or happily married! They were a huge part of your life, and part of your heart will never forget them. Your first love is usually your first time feeling that alive and by dreaming of that time, you are going back to that place of innocence and pure passion you will never have again. It’s understandable to miss that, but it doesn’t usually mean you want them back.

3. A dream about your ex begging for you back.

When you dream about an ex begging for you back, this usually means that you could potentially miss this person. Maybe your ex was the one who broke up with you, and you want them to feel the same way you felt at that time. This dream could also mean that you just miss the way it felt to be in a relationship and to feel loved, but you don’t necessarily miss this person.

4. A dream where your ex needs your help.

If you have a dream where your ex is in an accident, or needs help with something really serious, this signifies that you still care about them. You know deep down that you would help them, if they asked for it. And deep down, maybe you even still love them.

5. A dream where your ex dies.

This dream is terrifying and can freak anyone out, understandably. But, dreaming of your ex never usually means you actually want to see this person dead (hopefully). Dreaming of this means that for you, this relationship has come to a dead end. You have finally come to terms with it ending, and while it’s saddening, you can’t do anything about it. You can’t save it.

6. A dream where your ex sees you and pretends you don’t exist.

When you dream of an ex ignoring you, it could mean several different things depending on how the relationship ended. If the relationship ended on bad terms, this could mean that you want to get their attention in some way, and you want to still keep in contact. If the relationship ended on good terms, this dream could just be your subconscious telling you it’s time to move on for good.

7. A dream where you get painfully rejected by your ex.

This dream could stem from your fear of being rejected in all parts of life whether it be your career or your love life. If your breakup was caused by him breaking up with you, you may still be hurting from those feelings and that loss. If your breakup ended from you ending it, you could still be feeling incredibly guilty for causing him pain. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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