75 All-American Frat Boy Names And What They Say About His Personality

1. Brett: Says ‘bro’ way too much.

2. Cody: Owns a yacht. That’s about it.

3. Kevin: Calls his mom crying after the rest of his frat makes fun of him.

4. Pauly: Writes love songs to his ex on Friday nights.

5. Witt: Still a virgin.

6. Cam: Always the asshole.

7. Rob: Only owns ‘Sperrys’ and plaid shorts.

8. Dylan: Always too loud. Always too much.

9. Alex: The scrawny kid who just wants to look like a ‘Dylan’.

10. Toby: Secretly in love with Alex.

11. Tony: The mama’s boy who makes her send him protein powder in the mail.

12. Brady: Wanna be Justin Bieber.

13. Kurt: Pees his bed regularly.

14. Abe: The type of guy who smiles creepily at every girl he meets.

15. Wells: Obsessed with dogs. Frames photos of them in his door room.

16. Terence: Will steal your girlfriend without remorse.

17. Matt: The only thing he knows how to do is play Flip Cup.

18. Richard: Gets manicures.

19. Noah: The one every girl is obsessed with.

20. Liam: All american rich asshole.

21. Jacob: Can’t chug a beer.

22. Ethan: The people pleaser. Loves ‘Gilmore Girls’.

23. James: Never shuts up about the girls he hooks up with.

24. Ben: The guy who literally doesn’t talk.

25. Will: The type of guy who doesn’t play guitar, but has one in his room to impress girls.

26. Logan: Loves pumpkin spiced lattes more than you.

27. Sebastian: The snob who thinks he is tough shit because his dad owns Walmart.

28. Oliver: Still wears polos.

29. John: Draws on his abs.

30. Jon: HATES John.

31. Josh: Obsessed with baseball. Kind of a sissy.

32. Julian: Somewhat decent looking.

33. Owen: Cried during Toy Story 3. Loudly.

34. Jackson: Captain of the football team. Got a girl pregnant last week.

35. Grayson: The shy one who has never kissed a girl yet.

36. Landon: Cheats on his long distance girlfriend from back home.

37. Brent: Shaves his chest hair.

38. Devin: Obsessed with lifting.

39. Randy: Theatre major. Not gay!

40. Joel: Seems like a nice guy. Actually a major dick.

41. Carter: King of hazing.

42. Bert: ….

43. Trent: Super hot and super racist.

44.  Timothy: The sweet guy who misses high school.

45. Ryan: Literally never smiles. Major resting bitch face.

46. Derek: Never shuts up about his Rolex.

47. Hunter: Amateur porn star.

48. Aaron: Falls asleep before the party starts.

49. Levi: Has a horse figurine collection.

50. Aidan: Has an Instagram dedicated to Chipotle.

51. Andrew: Has no facial hair.

52. Dom: Kinky as hell.

53. Pete: Sexts creepy pick up lines to girls he JUST met.

54. Jack: Knows all the words to ‘Part Of Your World’ from The Little Mermaid.

55. Eli: Has no idea why he joined this fraternity.

56. Aidan: Takes his dates to Taco Bell.

57. Lincoln: Gets Botox once every three months.

58. Zach: Literally charms the pants off of girls one day at a time.

59. Bryson: Has an american flag bathing suit.

60. Steve: Lives off of Miller Lite.

61. Brian: Wear his fraternity gear every chance he has.

62. Chet: Honesty the worst.

63. Topher: Was bullied in middle school. Still has nightmares about it.

64. Ted: Has a thing for pumpkin picking.

65. Tuck: LOVES ‘Tuck Everlasting’.

66. Garrett: Low key the sweetest guy in the world.

67. Kory: Wishes Taylor Swift still had curly hair.

68. Taylor: Still tells knock knock jokes.

69. Wiles: In love with his cousin.

70. Jeff: Wears his golfing attire to class.

71. Xavier: Punches walls periodically.

72. Clint: Straightens and highlights his hair himself.

73. Billy: Addicted to ‘New Girl’.

74. Dick: Drinks ‘Folgers’ coffee.

75. Rich: Loves Toga parties a little too much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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