30 Way Cooler Things To Brag About Than Having A Boyfriend

Grace Chung
Grace Chung

Look, I know having a boyfriend is cool and all. In fact, it’s kind of great most of the time. But, sometimes it can be a drag. It can feel limiting. It can be annoying. So, I have compiled a list of 30 things that are by far better than having a boyfriend.

1. Knowing how to draw the perfect cat eye.

2. Getting a meaningful tattoo.

3. Seeing Nick Jonas in person.

4. Seeing Taylor Swift in person.

5. Having a really really good brunch.

6. Eating a lot of Nutella and not giving a damn.

7. Doing what you love.

8. And getting paid for it.

9. Having the closet group of friends that won’t ever judge you.

10. A really good kiss.

11. A fantastic nights sleep.

12. Making your own coffee at home.

13. Saving up money to get your own place.

14. Following your passion.

15. Not letting anyone get in your way.

16. Not settling.

17. Freshly washed sheets.

18. Traveling.

19. Doing something that used to scare you, and getting over that fear.

20. Knowing you don’t need anyone but yourself.

21. Loving your body.

22. A great workout.

23. Wearing no makeup and feeling confident as hell.

24. Sleeping in late.

25. A really great joke.

26. Feeling content where you are in this moment.

27. Going to a life changing concert.

28. Making art.

29. Crying out of happiness.

30. Loving yourself. Even if it’s a work in progress.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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