10 Strong Women Reveal The Exact Moment They Decided To Leave Their Toxic Relationship


1. “I had spent the night at a friend’s house and was telling her about a few arguments my boyfriend and I had been having. She looked at me right in the eyes and told me that that wasn’t normal behavior and I needed to leave him. It was mind blowing how her opinion had confirmed my worst fears. And I knew she was right.”  — Rachel, 28

2. “He was sweet at first. I guess that’s how they all are. But, he started getting really mad at me when I would go out with friends instead of hanging out with him. One day he forbid me to see one of my best friends, and I left the next morning.”  — Christy, 22

3. “He broke up with me and then wanted me back almost immediately. I said ‘yes’ because I was lonely and truly loved him. But, as soon as I got back together with him, he would always bring up the breakup and would second guess us getting back together. I knew it would never end, so that night I packed up my things and left while he was out with his friends.”  — Kelsey, 30

4. “I left him after I saw that his bad habits would never change, no matter what I did and no matter how much I loved him.”  — Leslie, 27

5. “I was engaged to him for a year. The night before the wedding, my mom looked me in the eyes and asked if this was really what I wanted. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I knew right then, that I had to end it.”  — Julie, 35

6. “We were addicted to each other. It was the kind of love that was like a drug. My friends were beginning to get worried about me because I kept holding onto him like he was my life line. I said goodbye eventually, because I didn’t want to need someone like that.”  — Megan, 23

7. “I cheated on him and he forgave me. One night about two months later, we were having an argument and he brought it up again. All his trust would go out the window and I knew I couldn’t live like that another day.”  — Ariel, 37

8. “We had an on and off relationship for years. On our fifth anniversary, I set up candles and booked us a hotel. He never showed up. I haven’t talked to him since.”  — Claire, 28

9. “He was never physically abusive or anything but, he would make little comments about my appearance all the time. One day, he asked why I was wearing skinny jeans because only ‘skinny girls could wear those.’ I moved out a week later.”  — Justine, 23

10. “The moment I let go of him was when he decided to hang out with his friends on my birthday. I will never forgive him for that.” — Liz, 25  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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