You Aren’t The Idiot Here, He’s The Idiot For Leaving You

Ieva Urenceva
Ieva Urenceva

Trust me when I tell you, you aren’t the idiot here. You aren’t the one who loses. You aren’t the pathetic one, who wants someone they can’t have.

You didn’t do anything wrong. You shouldn’t blame yourself. You shouldn’t think about all the ways you could’ve made it better. It’s not your fault. There was nothing else you could do. And there was nothing that you said or didn’t say, that was the reason he left. 

Trust me when I say, he’s the idiot.

He’s the idiot for messing this up. For leaving you. He’s the one who should live with this regret. Not you.

He’s the idiot for ruining what you two could’ve had. He’s the idiot for  being a coward, and for not saying what he wanted and what he needed. He’s the idiot for saying he didn’t see a future with you. And for blindsiding you. 

He’s the idiot for not communicating enough with you. For saying that you two didn’t have a lot in common. For saying maybe you should just be friends with him. He’s the idiot for dropping off his things at your place early in the morning. He’s the idiot for watching you cry. For seeing you go through this pain by yourself.

And for being the reason for breaking your heart.

You didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t say the wrong things. You didn’t love too hard. You weren’t too clingy. He just wasn’t ready for you. And he lost the greatest thing that he could have.

So, I hope you know that you aren’t the idiot. He is. He’s the dumb one. He’s the blind sider who broke your heart without warning. He misses you now because he now realizes what he did. He now just realized how much he fucked up.

But, he doesn’t understand how much he tore you apart. He doesn’t understand how much this affected you. Only your true friends know. The ones who have helped pick you up from your grief. The ones that truly love you, know what he did to you. And we will always be here for you. He won’t. 

And you know what? This guy doesn’t deserve you.You are better than him. He is not the guy of your dreams. He is not the one to put up on a pedestal. I hope one day you believe that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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