Why You Need To Stop Hanging Onto People Who Let You Go A Long Time Ago


We keep thinking that one day they will change their minds. We keep thinking that they will one day, come running back to us, and we would accept them with open arms. We keeping thinking that they haven’t let us go yet, even when they have.

We have this daydream in our heads that one day they will send us a message, telling us they still want us. We have this dream we never stop dreaming about eventually getting back together with this person.

But, it’s just a daydream. And we need to get our heads out of the clouds.

We need to let these people go. We need to stop hanging onto them. It’s unhealthy for us, and probably a nuisance for them.

I know, it’s incredibly hard to let go of the past. It’s incredibly hard to let go of people who you once loved and adored. Especially if you thought that they were going to be there for you forever.

I’m not telling you to forget. You can never forget them. And their memories will stay with you forever.

But instead of holding onto thoughts of them coming back to you, hold onto the memories. Hold onto the good parts. Hold onto the beautiful memories. Remember their laugh. Remember their smile. Remember how you felt to be with them. Remember the way they looked at you. Remember being happy.

Don’t hold onto the heartache.

Don’t hold onto when they left. Don’t hold onto the image of them turning the doorknob. And don’t hold onto the way you felt when you watched them go.

It’s time to let go of the people who walked out on you. It’s time to let go of that heaviness you carry in your heart. Let them go and don’t turn your head back. Let them go and stop wishing that they are going to show up tomorrow morning.

Because, they aren’t going to. They already have let you go. They already have said goodbye. They already have moved on.

So, do yourself a favor. Let that weight down. Stop carrying them around on your shoulders. Let your heart heal. Let the image of them fade into the distance. Remember the good parts. But know that better things are come. Better people will come.

But, you need to let the past stay in the past. And you need to start looking forward to tomorrow, instead of dreaming of yesterday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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