Why Saying ‘I Love You’ Is Never Enough


You say you love me. You say you want forever with me. You say you can’t imagine life without me.

But, I know that if you truly love, you’ll be able to show me. You’ll be able to say I love you in everything that you do. And you won’t need to shout it out to me. You won’t even need to whisper it in my ear. Because I will already know.

Saying ‘I love you’ to me, is not enough.

It’s not going to make me run into your arms and weep. It’s not going to get me down on my knees, asking you to marry me. It’s not going to magically make me adore you to no end.

See, being in love is a lot more than just being able to say you love someone. Real love is so much more than those three words. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a magical feeling hearing those words being said to you. It’s a magical feeling knowing someone feels that deeply about you. It’s beautiful.

But if I’m going to be honest here, I might as well say it to you straight. I won’t truly believe you love me until it’s obvious to me that you do.

I won’t truly believe you love me until it shows in the way you are and it shows in what you do.

At the end of the day, words are just words. No matter how pure and real they may be. I need you to show that you love me, in the way you kiss me. I need you to show it in the way you hold me. I need you to show it in the way you lace your fingers through mine. I need you to show it in the small things. In the way you smile at me when you wake up. In the way we argue, and how you never make me shake with fear. In the way you hold my hand across the table during dinner. In the way you pour me a glass of wine. In the way you say my name.

I don’t need a thousand I love you’s.

And I don’t need to hear that everyday. That’s not what I need. I just need to believe that it’s the truth. That it’s your truth. I just need to get knocked down when you smile that smile at me. To lose my breath when you kiss me gently, after a hard day. To lose track of time when I spend an afternoon with you in bed. To hear myself laugh the loudest when you tell me a cheesy joke.

Saying I love you, is magic. But actually showing someone you love them without having to say it? That’s what keeps this world afloat. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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