What Your Ex Boyfriend’s Name Says About His Personality


1. Chris: The one who got away and you’re so happy he’s gone.

2. Matt: The one who made out with your best friend. In front of you.

3. Richard: The type of guy who thinks he is way cooler than he actually is.

4. Luke: The guy who everyone secretly thinks is gay because he is just that perfect.

5. Pete: The guy who always sexts you even after the breakup.

6. Charles: The type of guy who only talks with pick up lines.

7. Larry: The guy that professed his love to you on your second date.

8. Dylan: The type of guy who has a list of all the girls he has been with.

9. Joe: The guy who hooked up with your best friend the night after you broke up.

10. Nate: The guy who still sends you happy birthday texts with a wink face emoji.

11. Brad: The guy who loved his mom more than you.

12. Robby: The guy who you dated out of pity.

13. Dan: The sweetheart who you will always love.

14. Randy: The guy who always made up the worst jokes and said them at the worst moments.

15. Paul: Too. Much. Hair. Gel.

16. Ethan: The guy who everyone wanted to date. An Ethan is always going to be prom king.

17. Kelly: The guy who keeps asking you out to dinner years after the break up happened.

18. Miles: The guy who left you to travel the world and ‘find himself’.

19. Travis: The bad boy who smashed your heart into a million pieces.

20. Tom: The guy who still is in love with you.

21. Ben: The guy who had the personality of a rock.

22. Alex: The frat boy who will never grow out of his college phase.

23. Will: The guy who will forever have your heart.

24. Alan: The guy you dated just to help you with your homework.

25. Tim: The guy with the hot tattoos.

26. Anthony: The guy you were with for a month. He probably broke up with you because he wanted to ‘explore other options’.

27. Billy: The guy who you never ever trusted.

28. Sam: The guy who you thought was a gem, until he told you he only wanted to hook up with you.

29. Toby: The guy who was TOO nice.

30. Greg: The guy who showered you with gifts every time he saw you, and then ghosted you out of the blue.

31. James: The guy who cared more about his looks than you did.

32. Steven: The guy who cared more about seeing sports than seeing you.

33. Jose: The cuddle bug who snored way too loudly.

34. Doug: Your first love who you still can’t get over.

35. Roy: The guy who broke up with you over a fight about what you two were going to have for dinner.

36. Wayne: The guy who you only dated because your parent’s loved him so much.

37. Louise: The guy who always got way more excited than you did about  pedicures and manicures.

38. Eugene: The mama’s boy who brought you a single red rose on every one of your dates.

39. Russell: The guy who dated the gym more than he ever dated you.

40. Carlos: Your best friend turned boyfriend, who broke your heart as to not ‘ruin your friendship’.

41. Zack: The older and more mature guy who had a thing for red wine.

42. Keith: The jokester who always said inappropriate things at family dinners.

43. Philip: The one who got away.

44. Ronny: The tough guy with a big heart.

45. Isaac: The one who broke up with you because he didn’t see a future with you.

46. Ian: The guy who you always had a crush on, and never expected to finally be able to date him. Turns out, he wasn’t all that great.

47. Bruce: The guy who had a love affair with protein powder.

48. Ray: The guy who you broke up with because his older brother was way hotter.

49. Jarrett: The guy who’s heart broke when you ended it.

50. Kurt: The guy who treated you like a princess, and to this day you still wish you were together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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