I Don’t Deserve Your ‘Maybes’ Anymore


I don’t deserve to hear the word “maybe” from you anymore. No one deserves to hear it.

No one deserve’s to receive unenthusiastic text messages about hanging out. No one deserves to hear the sound of a bored person on the other end of the line, asking no questions about your day. No one deserves to go days without a reply back.

No one deserves to be with someone who isn’t fully committed to making their day brighter and better. No one deserves to feel like they are alone in their relationship. And to feel like they are wasting their efforts on someone who doesn’t even try.

No one deserves to hear the word maybe. I don’t want to hear you tell me that you will “think about it”, or that you will “maybe” go to a concert with me. I don’t want to enthusiastically tell you about an event that is up and coming, and to see you shrug in distaste.

I don’t want to keep letting my guard down, while all you do is build more walls.

I’m done letting people walk all over me, and treat me like I’m just a scrap of meat. I am done letting a boy who I adore, mistreat me. I don’t deserve  to see those shrugs anymore.

I deserve hugs that don’t seem to end, I deserve kisses that stop time, and enthusiastic “yes’s” that make me smile so wide that my cheeks grow sore.

We all deserve more than just a “maybe”.

We deserve conversations that make our hearts beat faster, and lunch dates that makes us think. We deserve bedtime chats that last all night and makes our hearts light up in the dark.

I deserve more. We all deserve more. We deserve to have people in our lives, who actually care. Who actually want to change our lives for the better. We deserve the type of people who want to touch our souls, and watch us shine on our own.

We deserve more than we think that we do.

We deserve more than a few shrugs and a handful of maybes. We deserve all the yes’s in the world. We deserve better people in our lives. And better adventures. We deserve the type of person who will not only let us be ourselves, but the type of person who will teach us that we deserved someone like them, all along. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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