Date Someone Who Looks At You The Way Drake Looks At Rihanna


Date someone who is unafraid to profess his love to you, just like Drake did at the VMA’s on Sunday. Date someone who isn’t ashamed of telling the world that he has been in love with you for many, many years without a second of hesitation. Date the person who lights up when you enter the room, just like Drake does every time he is in Rihanna’s presence. (Seriously this man is so in love, it’s ridiculous.)

Date someone who doesn’t apologize for stating his truth over and over again.

Date the person who doesn’t care about how much you make, or how many records you sell, but cares about the person that you are. Date the guy who will tell anybody proudly that you are the best woman he has ever met.

And date the person who will kiss you in front of millions of people, with not a god damn care in the world.

Date the person who knows your worth and who respects you more than anyone he has ever known. Date the guy who wants to introduce you to all his friends and show you off, because you are just that special to him. 

Date the person who stays. No matter how many times you breakup or makeup, you know he will always stay and be loyal to you. Date the guy who is your best friend, not just a lover. Date the person who actually gives a crap about your well being. Who treats you with respect and who is real with you, on and off camera.

Date the person who you can trust with your whole heart, because you know he would never break it.

Date the guy who writes you songs. Who puts you in the center of his choruses and hooks. Who sings over and over again about how much you mean to him. And if he doesn’t write, date the guy who includes you in his passion. Who makes you a part of his life. Who includes you in everything that he does. 

Let’s be honest. We all deserve a ‘Drake’ in our lives.

We deserve the guy who is blunt about how he feels about us. We deserve the guy who adores our bodies, souls and minds. We deserve the guy who won’t ever let us go.

Rihanna, you are one lucky girl. I hope you appreciate him as much as we all would. I hope you know that finding a guy like that is rare.

Drake, keep doing your thing. Keep looking at Rihanna with hearts coming out of your eyes and making us all realize that we should never settle for anyone that doesn’t look at us the way you look at her.

Find the person who looks at you exactly how Drake looks at Rihanna. Don’t settle for anything else. You, just like Rihanna, deserve the best. And you deserve true love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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