This Is How You’re Slowly Falling Out Of Love Without Even Realizing It


We all love to fall in love no matter who we are in this world. We all love to feel wanted back, to feel like we will never be let down, or forgotten. We all crave the type of love that is unbreakable, and that will never ever fade. But, sometimes, we fall out of love. And our love for that person flickers out like a light. There is no reason for it. It sadly, just happens.

1. When you don’t crave their touch anymore.

It can happen slowly within a few years, or can happen one morning when you least expect it. You aren’t repulsed by them, and in your mind you still love them. But, somedays you won’t feel like giving them a kiss goodnight. Somedays, you will ignore their invitation to cuddle. Somedays, you won’t even want to feel their hand wrapped up in yours. Maybe you need some distance, or maybe you are slowly falling out of love with them.

2. When you start crushing on other people.

It’s normal to be attracted to others. It’s just human nature. However, there is a difference between admiring someone from afar, and actually beginning to develop feelings for them. If you start getting butterflies whenever you talk to someone else, and start to feel yourself light up in their presence, you are slowly but surely falling out of love with your partner.

3. When you communicate less.

As couples become more and more comfortable with one another, it’s perfectly normal to chat less with each other on a daily basis. But, if you start eating dinner with more pauses than anything else, you need to dig deep into your feelings. Does your partner ask you questions about how your day went and vice versa? Do you two engage in deep, meaningful conversation that make you think about life and the world around you? Do you still make each other laugh like you did the first year you were together? If not, you may be falling out of love.

4. When you argue more than ever before.

It’s healthy and normal to argue with a significant other. No relationships are ever going to be perfect without any fights. However, if your conversations keep turning into fights and every little thing that your partner does, makes you snap at them, you need to reevaluate the situation. Do your arguments escalate quickly? Do you fight over silly things that you never used to care about before? Do you keep going to bed fuming on your side of the bed? This could be a huge red flag that you’re falling out love.

5. When you stop looking at your partner in a romantic way.

One clear sign that you are falling out love with your partner, is if you stop looking at them in a sexual and romantic way. If you see them as more of a best friend and nothing else, that is a problem. The perfect partner for you will see you as a best friend and a lover. Looking at someone in only one of these ways, could be a bad sign.

6. When things that you used to love about them, irritate you now.

You used to love the way they said your name, the way they brushed their teeth and they way they practiced different accents on long road trips. You used to love the way they made fun of your dance moves and they way they bear hugged you constantly. But now, all those little things you used to love about them, annoy you. You don’t find it charming or funny anymore, you just want it all to stop.

7. When you crave time alone, more than time with them.

Let’s face it, when you are beginning to crave more time alone, than with him, there’s something really wrong. While it’s perfectly ok to have some space, and hang out with your friends on some days, to enjoy moments by yourself as opposed to moments with your partner, is worrying. Everyone needs a break sometimes. But, if you find yourself relishing in time alone and liking those moments better than moments spent with your significant other, then you need to reevaluate your situation.

8. When your friends notice something is up.

Sometimes, your friends can pick up on things that you can’t. When they come to you inquiring about how you and your partner are, and when they keep asking why you didn’t invite them too, they most definitely know something is up. Even if you try to make it seem like everything is ok, your friends know you better than that and will voice their concerns with you. When your friends start noticing that something is different before you even do, that may be a sign you’re falling out of love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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