This Is How You Date A Strong Woman

Linas Vaitonis
Linas Vaitonis

A strong woman is a not force to be reckoned with. She is more real than kind, but also more kind than most people you will ever meet. She knows what she deserves and she knows exactly how she should be treated. So, to date a strong woman, you also must be strong. 

A strong woman wants to always be treated with respect. You don’t have to give her a dozen red roses on Valentine’s day, you don’t have to woo her with sweet handwritten poems, and you don’t even have to give her anything for her birthday.

But, you better be damn sure that you tell her what she means to you. You better be damn sure you always let her know that she is never alone, even if she tries to put up a wall between you two.

To date a strong woman, you need to be able to man the f**k up. With all the cracks her heart has endured through the years, she has turned it into steel. But, you need to break down those barriers and see what’s inside. You need to be able to hear her story and not run. You need to be able to hold her hand through the times when she doesn’t seem so strong anymore and through the times when she is flying on top of the world. Never stop vocalizing to her about how she makes you feel. You don’t have to put rose petals on the ground to do this. You don’t even need to give her a diamond ring on her shaking finger.

You just need to say it loud, and proud, without any hesitation.

Because, although she is strong and mighty, she is also human. And humans can break. Humans can hurt. And humans can have trouble feeling like they are never good enough.

She just wants to be enough for you. She wants to make you happy and to see you smile when she kisses you out of the blue. She just wants to make your heart beat a little faster when you see her driving in your driveway. She just wants the little reminders that she is enough.

She needs to know that she is always enough.

To date and to love a strong woman, you need to validate this need. You need to step up your game, forget your ego, and give her reassurance that she is beautiful. She doesn’t need to play pretend for you, or put on pounds of makeup. She doesn’t need to make you chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine’s day or squeeze into a little black dress for your anniversary.

And when you finally realize that you are falling for her, please don’t hide. Don’t run away. Don’t be scared. Just say it. Because when you tell a strong woman you love her, she will believe you. And you better be damn sure you do, because if you break a strong woman’s heart, she won’t give you a second chance.

And she will always know, that she is worth so much more than a false whisper of “I love you”. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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