25 Tiny Unromantic Signs That You’re In Love

1. Even though you hate kids, babysitting his little sister is one of your favorite activities.

2. Your appetite shrinks because you can’t handle the butterflies he gives you whenever you see him.

3. You don’t bother closing the bathroom door when he’s there. He’s seen it all before.

couple eating pizza in bed together
Unsplash / Toa Heftiba

4. You secretly prefer eating take out Chinese, than having him reserving a slot for you two at The Melting Pot.

Ioana Casapu

5. You don’t give a crap when he sees you putting toothpaste on all of your blemishes. In fact, you put it on him too.

Pablo Heimplatz

6. Your OCD never spikes when he puts his feet up on your coffee table, or when he leaves his dirty shirt on your bed.

Toa Heftiba

7. You don’t bother hiding your farts from him anymore.


8. You frequently have water fights with him, and have wrestle matches in bed without any sexual action ever going on.


9. You consume whole pies of pizza in front of him without worrying about whether or not he’s judging you.


10. When they let you know you have food stuck in your teeth and you don’t run to the bathroom in the midst of a panic attack.

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11. When you don’t bother putting on a slab of makeup on in their presence.

12. When you are sick with mono and they kiss you without hesitation.

Alvin Mahmudov

13. When you two have sleepovers together. Without the sex part.

Two couples having fun outdoors in the city.

14. When you regularly make fun of each other and share with friends the most horrid and ugly pictures of one another.

Greg Raines

15. When they do something stupid, and you don’t stay silent in voicing your opinion on how dumb they were being.


16. When you ask him to buy you pads and tampons and know he will do it despite his protests.

Unsplash, James Bates

17. When you have finally stopped over analyzing every little thing you say to him or text him.

Priscilla Westra

18. When you don’t freak out anymore if you don’t get a text back from him.

Chad Madden / Lightstock

19. When you can take off your clothes in front of him, in broad daylight, without an ounce of anxiety.


20. When you can enjoy each other’s company in complete silence, without having it be awkward or uncomfortable.

21. When you feel comfortable getting into real fights with him because you know you will eventually make up.

istockphoto.com / stsmhn

22. When you can dance in your underwear belting out your favorite tunes, with him silently grinning to himself.


23. When you don’t feel pressure to be someone that you’re not.

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24. No matter how bad you are feeling, he will always make you laugh so hard giving you a stomach ache that lasts for days.

25. When you aren’t afraid to kiss him even with your awful morning breath. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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