This Is How I Want You To Remember Me


I want you to remember the good parts.
The parts that felt like they would never end.
Those were the parts I’ve always held onto.
And I hope you hold onto them too.

I hope you remember the first time we kissed. My legs were shaking, and my lips were trembling. But I remember not being scared after pressing my lips to yours. I remember feeling safe. Feeling home.

I hope you remember the time we told one another we loved each other. I whispered it into the phone, with tears rolling down my tired eyes. And then I heard a crash on your end of the line. You had fallen off of your chair in surprise. But then, you got right up and told it to me too.

And then I was happy crying because I felt safe again. I felt home.

I hope you remember the day we saw each other again after our first three months spent apart. You sprinted down the airport to grab onto me as fast as you could. Tears sprung from your eyes when I smiled up at you. And I pressed my lips into yours once again. I hugged you while you spun me around the air, laughing hysterically.

People were staring. People clapped. I guess they could see that I felt safe. And that I was finally home.

I hope you remember the nights you snuck into my room to have a sleepover. And I hope you still remember our talks at midnight about our future together. I hope you remember what we named our future kids, and the way I always looked at you. Please remember all the glances we shared just for us to have. All the smiles we gave to one another. All the love.

I hope you remember the way my body always seemed to fit right next to yours. How my little hands were your fingers favorite companion. I hope you remember the times I took your breath away. And the way your heart beat faster when I touched your face. I hope you never forget the feeling of me inside your heart. And how I always knew, you’d be in mine forever.

Most of all, I hope you remember the way I made you feel.

It’s ok to forget all that I said. And to forget all that I told you. It’s ok to forget the moments and the days we spent together, holding hands and kissing one another under the stars. But, for me, please hold onto the feeling of the adrenaline rush right before that first kiss. Please remember the magic of us. And remember the miracle that we were. Please don’t have us erased. Just hold onto that feeling. Because although we are gone now, that love still remains.

Maybe you were right when you said forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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