Stop Choosing Him Over The Rest Of The World

Fred Tougas
Fred Tougas

Darling, I know you think he’s your world, but there’s a whole universe out here that doesn’t involve him. You are living in a perfect loving bubble, but it’s too small for your dreams. It’s too small for your heart, too.

It’s just not enough for someone like you.

You like the adrenaline rush whenever he runs his finger tips down your back. You like the breeze of him breathing cool air down the nape of your neck. And you like the butterflies you feel in the pit of your stomach when he kisses you goodnight.

But, that adrenaline rush isn’t enough for you. You need salty air and to hear the sounds of waves crashing softly behind you. You need to smell the dirt roads as you drive away from your hometown. You need to breathe in different earth. Different oxygen.

And you itch for more stamps on your passport, more hands to shake, more smiles to give and more miles to walk.

Yet, you sit here where you have always sat, because you’re in love with a boy. And he’s so goddamn beautiful, sometimes it looks like he could be your ocean. And maybe he could be your map, your passport and your earth. But he can only take you to places that you only feel in your body. He won’t bring you the rest of the world. And he ultimately won’t be enough for you.

Darling, if you two are meant to be, then you will be. But, don’t waste your life living in the same place, doing the same things, and kissing the same lips. You deserve more than what his world has to offer you. And you’re too loving for just one person to have your heart. 

Discover what this world can give you. Drink it all in. Go, run wild and free.

And be astonished by how the stars light up the dark, and how it can snow in March and how rivers never seem to end.

Be awed by the mountains and how they can make you feel so small. Taste different tongues and smile when lips meet yours that crave you just as much. Touch the different paths you walk on and don’t close your eyes for any of it.

Go out and live. Live because this is the only life that you have. And you’ve got the whole world to explore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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