I Refuse To Settle For A One-Sided Love

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iStockPhoto.com / Ondine32

“You can’t fix yourself by breaking someone else” — author unknown

I’ve tried to make a one-sided love work. But, it turned into this tornado of “I love you’s” that didn’t mean a thing. It turned into a hurricane of lies, tears, of “we should break up” and wounded hearts. The thing about one-sided love, is that someone is going to get hurt no matter what. It never ends in a happily ever after. 

Sometimes you don’t even notice it’s a one-sided love, until you realize that you only say “I love you” when you’re drunk. Or, you only say it because you feel like you have to and you don’t want to make your partner angry.

A one-sided love is a storm that will only end in loss and broken parts.

It’s when one person thinks their partner is their world. But, the other partner is just pretending. They are wanting more than they are getting. They are lying.

It’s easy for it to happen. Especially when you care about the person a lot. But you cannot force love. Ever. You just can’t. And it’s easy to fake it in the beginning. You think you can get by. But then you can’t sleep because you’re so anxious of hurting the other person’s feelings. And you can’t sleep because you’re with someone who you don’t even love. But you said it to them anyway. Why? You thought it was the right thing to do. But it wasn’t. Lying wasn’t worth it.

I refuse to settle for a one-sided love.

It’s too painful. And watching another person cry because you don’t feel the same way? It’s the worst feeling in the world. You almost wish they could hurt you right back, so they wouldn’t be the only one reeling with pain. A one-sided love regardless of which person you are, is not a real love. It’s a web of mixed up emotions and fucked up feelings.

If you feel like you are in a relationship where the other person feels more strongly, either tell them or just end it right there. Causing another person pain, is worse than feeling the pain yourself. It’s not worth it.

The hugs, the kisses, the care you have them in your heart, it’s still not how they feel about you.

A one-sided love shouldn’t be called “love” at all. Because it’s just a mockery of real love. It’s a messed up version of the real thing. And that’s why I will never settle for it again. You shouldn’t either. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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