This Is What Happens When You Mention Her Name Vizerskaya Vizerskaya

I wonder if my lips will ever stop
lifting upward to the sky whenever
someone mentions your name.

I wonder if my stomach will ever stop
tumbling over when you type “hi” from your
keyboard and ask me how I’ve been.

Will my eyes ever stop
gleaming when I see your face
on my over brightened screen?


I remember so vividly our visit
to the city that never sleeps and how
my tiny hands felt safe in your care.
No matter how loud the crowds were.

I wonder if my heart will ever stop
shooting icicles at me
when you say her name to me
and say how much you love her.

You really love her.

I wonder if she knows that
you told me once, you would never love
liked you loved me.

I hope she never finds out.

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