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18 Men Describe The Surprising Reason Why They Fell For Their Significant Other

1. “Her music taste. It’s actually terrible. She likes old country western stuff. But I had to give her credit. One night she showed up at my door in cowboy boots, nothing else and her favorite song blasting on her iHome. That’s when I knew. Although that song was god awful.” —Ryan, 24

2. “One night she had eaten a few too many Tacos and she threw up on me while I was kissing her. She then started hysterically laughing and rolling around the room like a little kid on speed. Disgusting, but adorable.” —Justin, 27

3. “The way she talked to my dog. She uses this weird high pitched baby voice that is very irritating but hearing that for the first time was when I knew I was madly in love with her.” — Michael , 25

4. “Her appetite. As soon as I realized that she was the type of girl who loved to eat five slices of pizza every night just like me, that was it.” — Cody, 26

5. “The way she slept. She wasn’t a peaceful sleeper at all. She thrashed around and talked in her sleep loudly enough to wake me. Annoying as it was, it was ridiculously cute and I couldn’t help but fall for her.” — Billy, 22

6. “Her playfulness was so inspiring to me. She always had a smirk on her face like she was ready to do something sneaky or fun with me. The day she dragged me to have sex in a golf course was the night I knew.” — Sam, 29

7. “Her laugh. To most people it sounds like a horse having a heart attack, but to me it sounds like the most beautiful sound in the world. It lights me up.” — Luke, 20

8. “I fell in love with her the second I heard her sing. She probably has the worst voice I have ever heard. Like American Idol, cringeworthy status. But, no matter what anyone says, she just keeps singing and that’s sexy as hell.”  — Ronny, 38

9. “I fell in love with her almost immediately. She was a waitress at this restaurant I loved and she literally spilled my entree all over herself. You could call it love at first spill.” — Tai, 35

10. “She had this disgusting old stuffed puppy. At 23 years old, she still took it with her everywhere. She needed it to even sleep at night! Call me lame, but I thought that was the cutest thing in the world.” — Derek, 22

11. “One day, she started talking in a British accent just because. So there we were, at a bar, pretending we were from London or something. I think that was the day I knew she was the one for me. She’s just so weird.” — Steven, 28

12. “One night out of boredom, she started practicing her makeup…on me. We started taking pictures of each other in all of this makeup and ended up having sex in a sparkly mess of makeup.” — Joel, 20

13. “The first time I saw her cry. I was expecting to see a puppy dog type of cry, but she was the spitting image of the “Kim Kardashian” ugly cry meme.” — Rick, 21

14. “I realized I loved her after she made me drive to McDonalds at 2 am. just so we could get some fries. I don’t think I’ve ever been more in love than in that moment.” — Larry, 31

15. “I knew I loved her after she started not caring about me seeing her go to the bathroom. You can’t get any closer than that.” — Jacob, 26

16. “Her love for Star Wars. She still likes to make Chewbacca noises at me.” — Chris, 23

17. “We had a water fight in the kitchen and she turned to my parents and started hosing them down. Their faces were priceless.” — David, 24

18. “Honestly? It’s probably when we went grocery shopping together and I discovered she was obsessed with Lucky Charms. Like, she literally bought ten boxes in that one night.” — Arnold, 30 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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