10 Things I’ve Learned From Being The Single Girl In My Friend Group

Gabi E. Mulder
Gabi E. Mulder

1. Being a third-wheel isn’t a death sentence.

Being a third-wheel can actually be fun despite what everyone thinks. One of my best friend’s husband is also one of my good friends! As long as you pick a good couple to “third-wheel” with, that won’t do a crap ton of PDA and who you love hanging out with, you are golden.

2. You can become great friends with your friends’ significant others.

Seriously. If the guy is decent enough, and you trust your friend’s judgement, you could end up having another good friend! Just because your friend is in a relationship, doesn’t mean you are losing that friend. You could ultimately gain their significant other’s friendship.

3. You have independence.

I get to go home by myself. I get to drink all the wine from the bottle. I get to watch my favorite tv shows. I don’t have to deal with another person bugging me all the time and being in my space. I get to do what I want, when I want and I don’t have to ask anyone else’s permission.

4. You don’t have to be lonely.

No matter what, your true friends are going to hang out with you regardless if they have a boyfriend or not. Having a great group of friends is essential in life. Hanging out with a group of people around me who love me as much as I love them, is better than having a boyfriend in my humble opinion.

5. Life is much easier.

I love not having another thing to worry about or stress out about. It’s such a relief to not have to think about another human being, besides me. It’s good sometimes, to be selfish in your choices.

6. You become an expert on relationships.

Sometimes, I think I could totally make it at being a therapist. The amount of times I offer my friend’s support and guidance on their significant other, has taught me a lot about the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy one. You can learn a lot about love, as well as relationships, through your friends.

7. You become more confident.

While being single, I’ve learned to focus on other things in my life, like my career, my hobbies, and my friendships. I have also learned how to be more confident in myself inside and out. It’s easier to do this when you are single and can solely focus on yourself.

8. You get to flirt whenever and wherever.

Is it just me, or is it so much fun to flirt? In college when a lot of my friends had plans with their partners, it was so much fun going to the bars as a single girl. It’s especially great to be single during your early twenties. You don’t have to freak out if you see your boyfriend talking to another girl. You get to be free and run wild.

9. You save money.

It costs a lot to have a boyfriend. From all the holidays you spend on them, and not to mention birthdays, you can spend a huge amount of money. I’m happy I don’t have to spend my hard earned money on someone else.

10. You don’t have to try so hard.

Another thing I have learned, is that, I don’t have to try so hard. I don’t have anyone to impress but myself. So I can wear sweatpants, a tank top, and no bra five days a week and no one will give a shit. It’s lovely. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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