10 Reasons It’s Easier To Love A Woman Who’s Loved Before

A Nikon Girl
A Nikon Girl

1. She will know when to say “I love you”.

A woman who has loved before knows when she is starting to fall in love with you. She won’t be hesitant and won’t be scared to say it. And when she does say it, it will be true.

2. She will be good in bed.

A woman who has loved before, most likely, will know what most men like in bed. They won’t be timid and will love to please you as much as she can.

3. She will know how to cherish you.

Since she has been in love before, she will know how to hold onto you and to make great memories with you. She has learned from her previous mistakes and now knows how important it is to hold your partner close to your heart.

4. She will be anything but boring.

She will want to go on crazy adventures with you and won’t want to miss out on experiencing new things with you. She knows from past experience that laying in bed all day, doing nothing, is not exactly a healthy relationship.

5. She will take it slow.

She’s going to take everything a bit slower and not rush everything at once. She wants to make sure you’re on the same page as her and won’t want to lose you before you even begin to fall in love.

6. She will know how to forgive you.

From her past love, she now knows that forgiveness is one of the keys to a healthy relationship. She will want you to feel like you can be yourself without consequences.

7. She will know how to trust you.

She has learned that the first key to a great relationship is trust. She will want you to feel at ease and comfortable with her. She’ll want you to go out with your guy friends, and won’t care about your friends that are girls. She’s not naive, she’s just a trusting person now.

8. She will make time with you.

She’s not going to blow you off when you need her most, she’s going to be there as soon as you ask. She will want you to know that you can count on her to be there for you anytime of the day.

9. She will surprise you randomly.

A woman who has loved before and has lost that person, knows that sometimes to keep the fire burning you need to keep your significant other on their toes. Expect to be brought treats on random days and to receive even more surprises in the bedroom.

10. She is in this relationship because she really likes you.

She wouldn’t be in this relationship if she didn’t feel very strongly about you. She’s not going to waste time on someone she only maybe likes. Trust that she is truly in this and wants you two to succeed and grow together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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