16 Women Confess The Most Pathetic Thing They’ve Ever Done After A Breakup


1. “I completely snapped. I threw my phone and my keys in a field and literally ran away from him. Then, I laid on the ground and cried.” — Jenny, 25

2. “I wrote an entire book of poetry about my ex.” — Charlotte, 23

3. “For two days straight I ate plantain chips, slept, and did nothing else until it didn’t even feel real.” — Ashley, 26

4. “I listened to Ed Sheeran on repeat and wept from the time I woke up to the moment I fell asleep.” — Summer, 21

5. “I drove to the nearest grocery store and bought two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s along with one pumpkin pie. I figured that now that I was single, I may as well be fat.” — Elizabeth, 23

6. “I went to Sephora and bought about $200 worth of makeup. He never liked when I wore makeup, so now that he was out of the picture, I decided to treat myself.” — Rebecca, 29

7. “I was in denial that it was over, so I sent him a really expensive edible arrangement. He still never called and I wasted 150 bucks.” — Julia, 27

8. “I literally sent myself flowers so my friends would think we were still together. They eventually found out after seeing him with another girl.” — Lisa, 26

9. “I confronted the girl he slept with while we were still together. Instead of slapping her like I had planned, we ended up both crying over him. Turns out, he cheated on her too. Karma is real people.” — Carmen, 30

10. “I drove to my parents house and crawled in bed with my mom.” — Laura, 19

11. “I threw a breakup party with all of my girl friends. It wasn’t too fun considering all of them were in relationships.” — Taylor, 25

12. “I binged watched Sex and the City until my roommate threatened to kick me out of the apartment.” — Nicole, 28

13. “I decided to get myself a nice new haircut. The hairdresser misunderstood me and ended up cutting way too much off. Worst day of my life. ” — Christina, 22

14. “I literally lost it and went to his house to egg his car.” — Jill, 18

15. “Is there anything more pathetic than calling his mom and begging her to convince him he made a mistake? Probably not.” — Lindsey, 24

16. “I drank two entire bottles of wine while eating gobs of cookie dough. I ended up throwing up the whole next day.” — Ariel, 23 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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