Read This If You Feel Like You Have Nothing Worthwhile To Offer To The World

Read This If You Feel Like You Have Nothing Worthwhile To Offer To The World

When you look around you in every direction, it seems like many people are doing grand and extraordinary things to change the world and showing that they’re super brilliant, gifted, and charitable in the process.

You know it’s for the benefit of the world, but still, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of inadequacy because you haven’t done anything noteworthy like that. You start to believe that if you can’t make a press-worthy or monumental difference in other people’s lives with whatever talent you have, you’re a terrible human because you’re selfish, untalented, and not good enough. Or worse, you somehow think that it’s not even worth attempting to do what you feel most compelled to do because others have done it better.

You feel forgettable and lost. You don’t think you’re important enough to be deserving of existence. You might be spending your days feeling down on yourself and envious of other people doing things that actually have a profound impact on the way people live, whether it’s through their art, their volunteering, their political activism, their marketing, their research, or anything else they’re incredibly skilled at. You wish you could do the same, but you stop yourself from trying out of the fear that your efforts won’t ever measure up to theirs.

But you’re surrendering when you allow your fear to convince you that this lie is the truth.

No matter how you feel about yourself or how you think others perceive you, it’s true that you have something worthwhile to offer to the world. You have something of value that only you can offer. Everyone does. No matter how small or unnoticeable it may be. You don’t have to be recognized for something to make a difference. You don’t have to sacrifice your mental and emotional wellbeing to prove that you’re talented, hard-working, powerful, and selfless enough for the world because nobody is really evaluating you that harshly in comparison to someone else. They’re doing what they do with what they have, but if you have little, you still are worth a whole lot to someone who needs your wisdom, your time, and your distinct way of showing that you care. You are significant in your own way, and whether or not you’re recognized for that doesn’t matter.

The point of pursuing anything you feel deeply called to do is to bring joy into your own life and in turn, that will help people along the way – it doesn’t matter how few or how many souls you touch. You’re needed here because you can inspire them to look beyond their pain and uncover something distinctly wonderful in themselves. To give them hope for another day and for the years to come. To share your story so that they might be able to make sense of their own. To be there when they have no one else to turn to.

Even when the movers and shakers of the world are creating vast oceans of healing, and you can only offer a droplet of water, you’re still a healer. You’re still remarkable, and you’re doing something worthwhile.

Because one droplet of water is still a wonderful gift to a world that thirsts for hope, peace, joy, and understanding. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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