28 Healthy Little Ways To Deal With Negativity When You’re At Your Lowest Point

28 Healthy Little Ways To Deal With Negativity When You’re At Your Lowest Point

It’s no secret that repressing unwanted emotions and pretending to exude happiness all the time can do more harm than good, especially when it’s over a lengthy period of time. It usually causes someone to blow up at the most inappropriate times or do something drastic that can lead to unfortunate situations.

Although it may seem like you can’t handle everything at once, you’re more in control than you think, and it’s best to start with these little activities, so you can allow yourself to release whatever you’re feeling without causing harm to others or yourself:

1. Make a simple bulleted list of everything that’s going wrong without holding back. It helps to figure out exactly why you’re feeling a certain way because understanding yourself deeply can aid in finding solutions to unresolved problems in your life.

2. Even though it might be hard, write down a list of things that you’re particularly proud of accomplishing, no matter how insignificant you think it is compared to other people’s accomplishments. You’re great in your own way and it helps to recognize how far you’ve gone too!

3. Get lost in another world through an incredibly intriguing book of your personal preference.

4. Compliment other people you look up to. It’s always good to show support for people who create things you enjoy and make you feel less alone.

5. Make a playlist with a mix of your favorite happy and sad songs. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel when you’re listening to different types of songs.

6. Punch a pillow, beanbag, or any soft object of your choice.

7. Lie on your bed, loosen your muscles, and allow your mind to wander. Sometimes, you need some unstructured free time just to be fully conscious of your thoughts and feelings.

8. Watch a movie that always puts a smile on your face.

9. Watch as many hilarious YouTube videos as you want!

10. Take photos of anything that captures your interest. This will allow you to pinpoint all the interesting little things you might be passing by on a daily basis.

11. Hibernate for a day. If you want to be alone, allow yourself to be alone without guilt.

12. Or if you don’t think you can deal with being alone, invite a trusted friend over and vent. Then, stay in (or go out) and do something fun and relaxing.

13. Instead of remaining fixated on what you cannot do, write down all the things you can do to build a life you’d ideally want.

14. Reorganize your living space, do chores, and make your home as warm and inviting as possible. Keeping yourself busy while doing much-needed tasks will do tremendous wonders for your mood.

15. Make a cup of your favorite coffee or tea (or just hot water, if you don’t like caffeinated drinks). Warm drinks take longer to drink, so you get to linger and focus on the present.

16. Do your most favorite form of exercise.

17. Play a game that stimulates your mind.

18. Go to bed an hour earlier than you usually do. Or if you’re really tired, two hours earlier.

19. If you’re angry, write a letter to the people, events, feelings, and other things that are causing you to be angry, but don’t send it. The point is for you to be fully aware of why you’re angry and what you’re angry about. Once you’re done, take some time to reflect on it and think of ways you can change how you react to something that deeply enrages you.

20. Write a short story about a character who’s going through something very similar to what you’re experiencing.

21. When it’s dark outside, look out the window. Or better yet, try stargazing.

22. Examine yourself and be honest with all the ways you could learn to accept all forms of criticism gracefully.

23. Read articles, blogs, and/or poems from people who would totally be your friends if you met in real life.

24. Eat something that makes you feel happy without feeling guilty about it.

25. Do something you loved as a child. You’re never too old for hugging stuffed animals, reading children’s books, going on the swings, or coloring!

26. Write a love letter to yourself. Make sure to express in detail what you admire the most. It’s not silly or self-indulgent. You need this.

27. Say these three things like you mean it: “I have control over my life. I can create a beautiful life for myself. There is still hope for me.”

28. Find just one habit you’d like to change the most and start it today. Never underestimate the power of utilizing the present moment for your personal growth and wellbeing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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